Health Problems In Children

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Health Problems in Children

Health Problems in Children


Since a child is born, different developmental stages of life starts each stage bringing some benefits to a child also causing some psychological, sociological and medical problems. Life is a combination of the developmental changes and responding to these changes positive is winning the race of life. An assessment of different health problems at different stages will be analyzed and it will provide a summary of what the problems are at a certain age of life. The assessment will also provide a view of the nurses that how nurses respond to children belonging from different age groups and suffering some kind of a health problem.


As a child passes different developmental stages of life certain changes started to revolve in the person. There are certain factors like biological, cultural, psychological and physiological factors affect the changes in a child as he becomes an adult. The developmental changes also bring with it several health problems and at every stage the reasons of the medical issue are different. Gordon in his Health Assessment Tool takes into consideration the consequences of health problems in a child while he or she is at the three important phases of life. These stages are Toddler or an infant stage, then is the re-school going and the school going stage. At the Toddler or an infant stage the basic problems with the children is the lack of trust and have a very doubtful nature. This is the reason why at this stage a child often cries a lot, get scared or is not comfortable by the new people. At this stage feeding is the most important activity and may be possible that due to some problems a child does not take the feed properly and becomes weak. It is very important for ...
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