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Public Health Assignment: Healthy Eating

Public Health Assignment: Healthy Eating


The healthy eating problems in UK are becoming rampant with the passage of time, out of the serious health eating problems; childhood obesity is one of the crucial ones. This paper aims to examine the social marketing campaign. The next section discusses obesity as a public health problem, the causes and preventive measures to control the issue of childhood obesity.

Social Marketing Campaign

Change4life- Childhood Obesity

Change4Life is described as a revolution in lifestyle that involved creating awareness of healthy eating among thousands of people. The objective of this campaign is, according to the minister Dawn Primarolo, "to help parents and families to eat better, move more and live longer.” The initiative of this campaign according to NHS statistics reveals that, in 2050, over 60% of women and 50% of men could be obese in the UK. So Change4Life aims to inform parents, and to reduce, in unconventional childhood obesity (Change4life,

For families

This means that the campaign organized the local community initiatives. There were, for example, promotions on food "Healthy Food" supermarkets, organized walks, cycling groups, access by the pool. This got accompanied by a major information campaign implementation by the government. Families were; therefore, encouraged to eat more fruits and vegetables and exercise more. The campaign provided information about the lifestyle to be adopted at an early age. The list of resolutions included loses weight, eating healthy and exercise (Change4life, "Change 4 life" launched in UK to prevent childhood obesity, as it brings together motivational details that are not very often as spots that do not mention the word "obesity" to make people understand what a poor diet has on our health.

This campaign showed up the study of "Aardman Animations", which is known, for creating the cartoon"Wallace and Gromit" and which has created, using the same style of design, an exciting commercial because it shows in a subtle way that if a person eats poorly and exercise less risk of living increases compared to a healthy life (Change4life, Apart from this, it is not to stigmatize obese children, warning parents of overweight children to avoid this word to make everything more fun. To make matters worse, this campaign gets backed by £ 2 million for nutritional counselling and lifestyle, and Manchester got benefited monetarily parents who bring their children to school on foot. It is important to have involved companies such as Coca-Cola, Mars and Nestle and Fitness Industry Association, who have given people free access to health clubs and leisure centres for four weeks.

It can be also noticed that the brochures given to the parents, who say in a polite way that poor nutrition could kill their children and children's stomachs are smaller than adults, advising parents to set a limit to the children of two hours "at most" to watch TV or play computer games. The start of the campaign was great. The meeting focused and mainly refers to the problem as long-term harm that can be improved without telling ...
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