History Of Comic

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History of Comic


Comics can be described as a series of related cartoon. The theme of comics may be realistic or exaggerated. Comics provides people with a unique way to express their imagination

This study will examine the history and background of Garfield comic strip. It will analyze various changes that have occurred in this strip during the last few years.

Background Information

Garfield is one of the best known and adored comic characters ever created. Garfield was first syndicated in 1978. When this humorous and entertaining strip was first published, it appeared in around forty-one newspapers (Higgins, pp.1). Currently, the strip is published in more than 2600 newspapers. In the United States, Garfield is one of the best syndicated Sunday strips (Raugust, pp. 28-29). The fans of this comic strip are more than 220 million. The collections of this comic strip have been translated into more than twenty six languages.

Garfield comic strip was also used to produce different animated series and prime-time TV specials which were admired by fans (Davenport, pp.2).

The mastermind of Garfield comic strip was Jim Davis. Jim Davis had a passion for drawing. He began drawing and sketching from a very early age. Since Jim Davis was an asthma patient, he used to spend most of his time indoors. Jim Davis was very inspired with his family's farm. This inspiration motivated him to draw cartoon cats.

The audience of Garfield spans many nations and generations. The themes of Garfield are very simple for instance friendship, sleeping, watching TV, and eating.

Andrews McMeel Universal is the company that handles the work of Jim Davis of Garfield. Now, Davis is not the sole artist of Garfield. Even though, he still writes the stories and rough sketches for Garfield, there are also other artists who handle the inking, coloring, and lettering. Davis spends his time running the business and managing the merchandising of Garfield.

In 1981, Jim Davis founded Paws, Inc. The purpose of this organization was to support the Garfield comic strip and. Paws Inc.

Changes in the Physical Appearance and Artistic Style of Garfield

With the passage of time, several changes were made to Garfield. The appearance of Garfield also underwent many changes.

Early Years

In the very early years, the eyes of Garfield were much smaller. The body of Garfield in the early years was like a big blob. The appearance of Jon Arbuckle has also changed. In the early years, he was a little gullible.

Middle Years

The Garfield comic strip was very admitted by its audience. In the middle years, Garfield endured several stylistic changes. The changes that occurred in the physical appearance and artistic style of Garfield can simply be defined as 'Darwinian Evolution'.

Later Years

The much admired Garfield now walks on his hind legs. He has been slimmed down. Garfield has undergone diverse stylistic changes during these years. For instance, Garfield no longer looks with his squat-eyes. The body of Garfield is now more rounded and his legs are longer. Jon now looks older with larger features.

Over the years, ...
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