Illegal Gold Mining And Yanomami

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Illegal gold mining and Yanomami

Illegal gold mining and Yanomami

Illegal gold mining and Yanomami


Gold mining is one of the most high profit businesses across the globe. Gold is a sacred and rare earthly metal, whereas, it has been connected with tribal areas and the least developed regions of the world. The term gold mining itself refers to the extraction of gold from earth. They are usually areas located in areas that are located miles and miles under the earth. Gold mining is a colossal area that countries and business organizations undertake together to build a high-return result for both. However, gold mines are located mostly in the least developed areas of the world.

The region of Yanomami is amongst those least developed resources that prevail in the world today. It is a region of South America located in the Venezuela and Brazil. The place of Yanomami is basically geographical vicinity with population of almost 20000 Native Americans. The people have distinct culture and heritage. These people belong to the area near Amazon Rainforest and the adjacent geographical region with a particular livelihood. They are believed to be the first people to arrive and dwell in the American continent.

Yanomamic region is abundant in the presence of gold, as well as, other rare earth metals. The region has tons and tons of gold present under the surface of the land. However, the area is a tribal area and the people of the area do not like American intervention with their resources. The people are tribal people who believe in lawlessness and other factors.

The paper discusses the geographical territory of yanomami , as well as the context of illegal gold mining. The paper encompasses of looking at the problem of illegal gold mining in detail, as well as, investigates the causes and effects of the problem. The paper is an analytical essay that deals with the present state of gold mining in the given region (Ellan, 2011, 56-123).


Illegal gold mining

The context of illegal gold mining is much similar to the process of legitimate and legal context of gold mining. Illegal gold mining encompasses of excavation of gold by the local inhabitants of a given area, whereas, there is no intervention of the government or other responsible forces in the country. The gold that is excavated is sold to different people and stakeholders, who could either, be local or foreign. Profits are generally reaped by local people who are involved in the process of illegal gold mining and no profit flows to the government or the country.

Rationale behind illegal gold mining

Gold is a rare earth metal, whereas, it has not been discovered completely. Nature has blessed the blue planet with abundant levels of gold reserves with tons and tons of other rare earth metals. However, the excavation of gold is a technical and very expensive process. The process is generally undertaken by corporate players or government who has access to money, as well as, other resources in a supple ...