Impact Of E-Business On Supply Chain Management

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Impact of E-business on Supply Chain Management

Impact of E-business on Supply Chain Management

Amazon is one of the world's largest and most successful internet retailing businesses which is considered as among the top most in its industry because of its quality management and control systems that mostly revolves around their continuously evolving supply chain practices. in the pursuance of world-class quality continues to add various practices in its system and pioneers use of disparate technology in ways that are favorable for quality enhancement and improvement. This shape the world class supply chain management and inspection services that are followed by Amazon to ensure not only increase in their profitability but also customer satisfaction, by significant magnitude. It is one the few companies that embraced and leveraged the use of infrastructure of E-business when the technology or advancement was relatively newer, and subsequently attained remarkable success.

Effect of E-business SCM initiatives on

Electronic commerce has ushered the world into new era, not only routine lives are impacted with consumers and customers being able to shop, pay utility bills etcetera through just sitting on computer, but it also has helped businesses significantly in increasing their bottom-line through cutting down their expenses. Assessing the effect of E-business Supply chain management initiatives on Amazon, use of extranet; being one of the major developments that Amazon included in its SCM initiatives pertaining to E-business, has changed the shape of how businesses used to be conducted. For instance, Amazon has an extranet which precisely is an intranet accessible to the strategic allies of the respective company. This not only soars the operational efficiency of Amazon by leaps and bounds through automating tasks as order processing by bringing within the loop customers, partners, suppliers, employees and vendors. Detailed product information could be attained by customers without contacting any ...
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