Interior Design Decoration

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Interior Design Decoration

Interior Design Decoration


The interior design is a creative practice that analyzes programmatic information, establishes a conceptual direction, refines the design direction and graphic documents prepared communication and construction. (Harwood, 2009: 98-105)

Interior design and detailed design is usually one of the stages of a more general direction of creation of apartments (flat design, maintenance and equipment, warranty and service), but, nevertheless, if you wish, you can order and only the interior design (Kiev, New York , Kharkov, etc.).

Design of an apartment includes: development planning and decision style of the premises, as well as a package of working drawings . An added bonus we usually pass on to you as a general estimate of the apartment and the budget is complete , so you no longer need to spend countless weeks on a trip to the shops. When approving the interior design, you decide to build an apartment for yourself, you can order the author's supervision, and we will gladly help you select a contractor for construction and repair work, perform technical oversight, quality control / timing of works, furniture and equipment is feasible with all finishing materials (tiles, sanitary ware, flooring, lighting, etc.).

And yet, think about how to charge us a whole series of works (design of apartments, repairs and equipment) . We promise we will create a wonderful apartment for a reasonable price, will provide warranty and service , saving a lot of your time and nerves. (Martin, 2010: 21-26)

The main objective of the design - it is beautiful and well-organized interior space of the room. Pure beauty is not so interesting for the customer, as beauty combined with functionality.

Interior design and design of apartments in Moscow

Development of an interior design project - a complex of works aimed at the creation and implementation of various interior solutions. It begins with the customer and the designer of communication, and setting Terms of Reference for the development of the interior. The goals may be different, for example:

Exclusive Design (other issues fade into the background);

zoning areas in conjunction with the design solution;

design and repair of "turnkey" - complete project management, including tracking of all work, procurement and delivery of finishing materials and furniture;

high-quality renovation, done quickly and with taste;

working to develop the documentation for your ideas;

to make a realistic visualization of individual rooms;

facelift with minimal effort.

Each version will have its own set of actions, but we can identify the main stages of work on the creation and implementation of the project as a whole:

Formulation of the problem (development or adjustment to customers' specifications in conjunction with the designer);

Development of an interior design project based on the approved Terms of Reference;

Completion of the project finishing interior materials and furniture;

Construction work at the facility.

Consider the process in more detail. About the problem we have already talked a bit, we can only add that at this stage, the goal is the development of the project and collect the additional information needed for the job. This functionality of the object, the composition of the ...
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