Leadership At Procter & Gamble

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Leadership at Procter & Gamble

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Leadership at Procter & Gamble


Every business requires effective leadership for any kind of long-term success. It is a procedure in which there is a someone who influence other people to accomplish the goals and that person directs the whole company in a structured way to make it coherent and cohesive in order to achieve success and growth (Northouse's (2007, p3). Any organization who is facing a loss and in static position for years require change and that change can only be bring by a good leader (Daft & Noe, 2001). Effective Designing a structured framework for the employees by the leader helps an organization to overcome the problems that are associated with the changing environment. (Kotter, 2001). Leadership involves steps and it is a leaders responsibility to assign goals for each step and continuously fight to achieve to goals in order to reach success (Schaeffer, 2002).Therefore every organization should have a kind of leader that will help it to face problems, motivate employees, build trust and strong relationships, accept and fight the challenges.

In this study we will learn the importance of successful leadership and how it has help an organization making their business a hit. I have selected the organization; Procter and Gamble to study the concept of Effective Leadership Style and how A.G. Lafley (CEO) has proved himself as a strong leader and made the company out from the oceans of troubles. Because this organization has faced many of the leadership styles and hence it is now comes under the umbrella of organizations which have the best leaders.

Thesis Statement

Leadership is an integral part in the success of an organization

Company's Background

Procter & Gamble Co., which is also known as P&G founded in 1837 is one of the most successful company globally having more than 100 years of experience. It is located in Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. It is a multi-national company which deals in consumer goods. Many of their brands are the billion-dollar sellers. Company's business segments are divided into the following units:

Beauty segment

Grooming segment

Health Care segment

Snack and Pet segment

Home Care segment

Baby Care segment

The Company has around 135,000 employees in 180 countries around the World P&G is considered to be the largest consumer goods company with more than 300 brands. They have a strong focus on their Research and Development, they are the market leaders with a diversified product portfolio and strong brand image in the market. Furthermore, based on its current approach 'connect and develop' P&G brings innovation from outside by partnership with external actors.

P&G is now among the most valuable in the United States. And it is ranked as one of the ten most important companies all around the World. The Company focuses on maintaining Consumer Understanding, Innovation, Scale, Brand Building and Market capabilities. They are the leaders in these areas. It is their value to develop new leaders they have a 'build from within' approach for growing leadership (P&G, Online).


The previous CEO at P&G was Durk Jager whose tenure ...