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Apple Inc. and Microsoft can be identified as two of the most significant corporate entities, present in the contemporary global business environment. Both of these companies have been able to drastically transform the computing culture of the modern world. Internet and the computer based technologies have played a vital role in the implementation of the globalization phenomenon. The current age can be defined as the internet and computer based age, where the role of the organizations and also the normal citizens has enchained drastically. In the context of the social changes the brand image of Apple and Microsoft are very similar, as both have been able to make several changes in the market dynamics. The analysis of the management of these companies would suggest that the two leader mangers, of the respective organizations have been responsible for the phenomenal growth.


In Microsoft Company it was Bill Gates who has been able to mould the strategic direction of the company, and enhance its brand image. Whereas at Apple Inc. the predominant responsibility for the phenomenal growth of the company can be attributed to the visionary role of Steve Jobs. Both these men have been instrumental in the development of the computer industry. Throughout the world, and they both have their own distinct styles of management. Steve Jobs is a more of an entrepreneurial and risk taking leader and manager, whereas Bill Gates has a more reserved orientation regarding his role as the manager at Microsoft. The differences which are present in the management styles of these individuals are highlighted in the marketing and the operations of the respective organizations. Both companies have been able to attain substantial success in the global market, following very different strategies. The role of Jobs at Apple is more volatile in nature as compared to his counterpart. Due to certain management issues, Jobs had to forgo his management role of the company, and had to return after a prolonged period of time (Cusumano, 2011, pp. 27). This incident alone suggests the nature of the mercurial leader, and his ability to attain a high level of success.

On the other hand Bill Gates has a predominant role in the major decisions made at Microsoft, from the point of its incorporation, and still remains the most influential person in the company. With the demise of Steve Jobs in the recent past, Bill Gates has now become one of the most influential and dominant leaders; present in the contemporary global computer based industry. Even though both of these highly effective leader managers utilized very different strategic approaches, they have been highly successful for their respective organizations. Apple Inc. through the vision and the leadership of Jobs was able to challenge the hegemony of Bill Gates' Microsoft. When Steve jobs re-entered the management at Apple Inc.; Microsoft was already a market leader in the computer industry. The market position of Apple on the other hand was very negative ...
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