Living On The Moon

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Living on the Moon

Living on the Moon

Living on The Moon

Living on the Moon


Today, technology has flourished and is more advanced than it was in the past. We are able to have telescopic and spacecraft photos of planets and large moons, as well as launching missions to further investigate our curiosity. Because of these advances in technology, we know more about the universe and the part of it 'Moon' than we previously did. Studies have found life in few of the other planets in universe and have been finding ways of sustaining human life there. Moon is that place where humans already found life and scientist has given many indications of starting a life at moon. NASA has already proposed colonization of moon, which is the sustainability of robotic world there (Anonymous, 2012).

Moon is our satellite and Mars is first 'outer planet' from us. It is very important for us to know if life exists there or not. Earth is that unique planet which is an ecosphere, it posses nature, evolve carbon dioxide. There are certain factors that are needed on Moon which can sustain human life there; (Anonymous, 2012).

Water in all forms, i.e. solid, liquid and gaseous form.

Atmosphere with suitable combination.

Atmospheric pressure and gravity

Suitable range of temperature

Co-ordination with external and internal rhythm.


Few of the questions would define the characteristics that can make life possible on Moon, scientist have found many survival clues on Moon. Water molecules are believed to be found there and many experimental tests have shown life possibilities. If life could have been possible there then many questions would arise to understand how it can be acceptable to live a life at moon? And what are the essentials needed to sustain a life on moon? (Brian, 2012).

The answer to this question would be given with ...
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