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Management & Leadership


This paper intends to distinguish between a leader and a manager. Despite the fact that the terms of leader and manager are normally used interchangeably; there are a variety of differences that exist between being a leader and a manager. Manager is only meant to manage things whereas the leader aims to inspire others for making a better future for them. There are different leadership styles and management styles which are used in today's world of business. This paper will explore the various leadership and management styles in order to clearly elaborate over the concepts of leader and manager. The purpose of this paper is to make the readers aware about the underlying differences prevailing between being a good manager and a good leader.


As depicted by the name; a manager is responsible to manage things. Running complex businesses and companies is not an easy task. Having a huge working force makes it extremely necessary for the companies to appoint managers mainly because it becomes impossible for the owners to go and manage daily routine matters at their own. A manager manages the employees and makes them achieve the organizational goals and missions. Managers are extremely work focused and their only concern is the management of work and organizational benefits. Managing daily issues of the employees and handling the operations difficulties also remain the core responsibility of the managers (Thornton, 2008 Pp. 28-32).


Leaders are also responsible to get the work done and manage things. However, the approach of leaders is entirely different from the approach of managers. Leaders are capable of inspiring the employees and motivating them to work enthusiastically to meet their personal and organizational objectives both. Leaders are more employees focused rather than being work focused. It remains extremely important to realize that there is no separate vacancy made for leaders in the companies. However, leaders can be emerged from the employees, top management or even the managers can become leaders. The basic quality of leaders is the capability to inspire others and make followers (Bonnici, 2011 Pp. 40-45).

Distinction between Leader and Manager

From the above mentioned definitions of leader and manager; the differences between the leader and a manager are apparent. The basic difference between the leader and a manager is related to their focus. Managers are extremely work focused while leaders are people or employees focused. This change of approach makes the basic different between the leader and a manager. Majority of the times; people tend to become managers and leaders at the same time; but this is not true in every case because every manager do not possess the leadership qualities.

Every manager cannot become a good leader whereas good leaders are always good managers as well. Managers normally believe in the concept of having subordinates and directing them to accomplish their work and meeting the organizational goals. On the other hand; leaders know the art of winning the hearts of people and inspiring them to become the followers of ...
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