Midwestern Contemporary Art Case Study

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Midwestern Contemporary Art case Study

Midwestern Contemporary Art case Study


Distinctive individuals have diverse practices, assessment and attitudes concerning necessities as well as wants. One thing can mean a world to an individual and same thing can mean nothing to someone else. It may happen even around the individuals who were brought up in in similar backgrounds, same families, same locality etc. Hence, reconciling is not a simple process in families or even businesses. Wherever and at whatever point there is an issue concerning reconciliation, one must first attempt to negotiate in order to reach an agreement. If private negotiations fail, then the second step should be to contact a mediator and have him/her run interference. For example everyone knows the Smith family's enthusiasm for artifacts. Peggy Fisher can tempt them effectively by inviting them to various occasions and treating them as honored guests. Furthermore, Fischer is in the right position to divert the Smith's resentment as well as her boards - especially since she wants to avoid the scandal of a lawsuit.

One of the ways to reach an agreement is to determine who is actually the wronged party. In certain circumstances, rights are self-evident, in the same way as the tenets or laws reveal to us specifically who is correct, however rights are infrequently clear and circumstances are typically tricky to institutionalize. To tackle this question we can get outsiders like mediators to open mediating sessions.


An alternate approach to resolution of disputes is based around concept of power. The top two forms of power in a business are aggression which includes ambush or sabotage denying benefits by various tactics like withholding labor in strike. Whoever is more reliant has less power. On the other hand whoever is independent has more power. In the case of MCA, Smith loaned them the money so that they could complete a construction project without risking bankruptcy. Furthermore, since he promised to donate the money to MCA's new facility, they do not have any legal rights on the promised amount. Hence, this makes Smith more powerful than MCA and they should be fully aware of this reality

In the process of bargaining or negotiating the terms on an agreement, the concerned parties are actually defining or redefining their relationship. In this parallel transaction, people look to strengthen their position further by utilizing certain strategic moves. In this manner the other party might be put into a defensive position making it troublesome to advocate successfully. Therefore, turns might be utilized therapeutically to move out of a defensive position or participatively, to join with the other party in collaboration. Anticipating the moves of the other party and having turns at the top of the priority list is a part of getting ready to negotiate.(Negotiation: Reading, Exercise and Cases, p 211).

In a defensive position, it is troublesome to continuously advocate own interest all the while attempting to challenge the other party(s). Conversely, integrative and shared gains are barely to be attained. At this point arbitrator moves his/her position, further bolstering ...