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Flash Project site: Milla's world

Flash Project site: Milla's world -

Introduction is an on open source website. The site focuses on the php, mysql, wordpress, linux, apache and so on. At a first glance, the site seems to be quite rich in content but looks boring to the layman. The wordpress backend makes the layout consistent across all the pages.

The wordpress studiopress theme seems to work well with many blogs and this is true for as well. The main navigation consist of "home", "about us", and a "php calendar" that the author wants to promote in his site. The categories, tag cloud, archive, adverts and blog roll are on the right sidebar. The skyscraper and medium rectangle google ads look good in their position. There is nothing under the blog rolls, why leave it there? The meta section also looks quite out of place.

I would also suggest the author to limit the number of months in the archive section on the sidebar as the archive can go on forever… The height of the sidebar looks a bit awkward for very short posts such as a recent post on parsing html.


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Technical evidence to

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The server provide no informations about used coding language (PHP, Java, Python etc.).


The server transmit the versionnumber of the used serversoftware. Please hide the hints, to provide informations against potential attackers.

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The website uses browser scripts, these are typical javascripts. They are used to implement some dynamical functions, but contain some potential risks. You find a listing of used scripts below in the linkanalysis.

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The site uses no Flash.

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Home Page and Navigation

I was not sure the need to emphasis “GPL License, CC 3.0 License…etc” on every header on the site. The word “free” might be good enough? The flowers looked really cool but the navigation was confusing as the navigation menus were sandwiched by the big search and google ...
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