Pl 590 - Paul And His Letters By John B. Polhill

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PL 590 - Paul and His Letters by John B. Polhill

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Letters of Paul2

The One God3


Paul Objectives Proposed in the Letter8



A Human Being10



PL 590 - Paul and His Letters by John B. Polhill


The book, Paul and His Letters, by John B. Polhill has presented the letters of Pual that served to establish mature or strengthen, and each of the particular congregations he was writing to. While there were some levels of overlap in the letters, there were some distinct aspects of church establishment in the letters of Paul when they are considered chronologically.

In this paper, we will be analyzing the summary of Paul's emphasis in letters that may serve his purpose of writing these letters. In addition, the impact of the book on my life and its teachings will also be addressed in the paper.


Paul of Tarsus, originally Saul, also called St. Paul and St. Paul of Tarsus (birth between 5 [ citation needed ] and 10 d. C. , Tarsus (now Turkey ) - † year 67 in Rome ), but did not belong to circle of apostles of Jesus Christ

Paul did not have to change its name to convert to Christianity, because as a Roman citizen, born in Tarsus, in addition to being a Jew had great influence of culture Hellenistic and Roman , so like all the time Roman had a praenomen related to a family property (Saul, his Jewish name), and a cognomen which is associated with a physical characteristic (Paulus, who is his Roman name). Knowledge of Hellenic culture, both spoke fluent Greek and the Aramaic - allowed him to preach the Gospel with common examples and comparisons of this culture so that your message was received on Greek territory and this feature clearly marks the founding success of your trip Christian communities. Paul is considered by many Christians as the most important disciple of Jesus , despite never meeting him, and after Jesus, one of the most important for Christianity , as also were Peter and John .

Paul is recognized by Christians as an example to follow. He did much to introduce Christianity among the Gentiles and is considered one of the significant sources of the doctrine of the early Christian church . Born between year 5 and year 10 in Tarsus , in the region of Cilicia , on the southern coast of Asia Minor (now Turkey ). The city of Tarsus was granted Roman citizenship by birth ( Acts 22:22-29 ). So Paul was a Roman citizen despite being the son of Jews. Son of Jews and a descendant of the tribe of Benjamin , a teenager is sent to Jerusalem , where he studied under the famous rabbi Gamaliel ( Acts 22:3 ). Education was much greater than the humble fishermen who were the first apostles of Christ.

Paul of Tarsus was an active persecutor of the Christians under the influence of the Pharisees . In fact he was among those who participated and nodded in the execution of ...
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