Planning For Uncertainty: The Impact Of Drug Use During Pregnancy

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Planning for uncertainty: the impact of drug use during pregnancy



This dissertation is an opportunity for me to extend my regards to my research supervisor, my beloved friends, and my family for their untiring support that they furnished throughout my research. I am grateful to them for their belief in me and the guidance that they provided me without which I would have never been able to work on and complete this research. It also signifies my own views and does not closely relate to the university.

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I, (Your name), would like to declare that all contents included in this study stand for my individual work without any aid, and this proposal has not been submitted for any examination at academic as well as professional level, previously. It is also represents my very own views and not essentially those that are associated with other university.

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Method Application1

Focus of the study2

Research Question3

Rationale behind the study3

Research setting4

Research Design4

Qualitative Methods4

Advantages and Disadvantages of qualitative methods6

Data Collection Method7

Primary Data7

Data Collection Instrument9

Focus Groups10

Advantages and disadvantages of focus groups11

Grounded Theory13


Population and Sample16

Purposive sampling17

Inclusion criteria18

Exclusion Criteria18

Data Collection Procedures18

Focused Group Questions20

Demographic questionnaire21

Focus group interviews questions22

Purpose of each questions selected22

Q.1 Can you describe the circumstances which initiated you to take drugs? And for how long you consumed the drug?22

Q.2: Can you name different types of drugs consumed during pregnancy and before pregnancy?23

Q.3: Can you please explain how consumption of drugs disturbed you mentally, physically and emotionally? (Emotional/ cognitive aspects)25

Q.4: Have you ever felt aggressive during pregnancy?25

Q.5: Can you portray your experience with preserving and forming friendships and relationships currently?26

Data Analysis27

Credibility, Dependability and Transferability29

Role of the Researcher31

Ethical Issues32

Results from Focus Study35






A detailed outline of the research design of the proposed study will be provided in this section. This chapter mainly includes methods that are used for the collection of data, and the philosophy behind the choice of methods. This chapter will also expand on the elements of the research design, in particular and toward the research approach of the proposed study. Moreover, this chapter outlines the criteria for exclusion and inclusion of the participants under study. Further, this chapter presents the outcomes of the analysis, and the results after conducting the focus group study. The main aim of this study is to explain the use of addictive substances prevalence among women during pregnancy, its psychological and physical outcomes and to study its relation to complications of health during pregnancy, puerperium, or delivery and to the status of newborns health and fetus.

Method Application 

The foundation of this dissertation will be based on the primary data. The method of this study will be a Grounded Theory in a qualitative design, so as to answer the research question by the help of focus group discussions. As the qualitative research answers the how much, why and what questions. The qualitative study focuses on the determining the attitude, motives and values of respondents. Due to the small number of women focus groups data collection method was ...
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