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This quotation is attributed by Albert Einstein. It is stated that “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted”, this quote denotes that when there is something really important then all the other important things can not be counted as quantifiable unit. There is immense quantity of measurement for the height of those important things that are articulated with the quantifiable and significance of the most important things that are essential for our living as a need of living (Addae, 2010).


Quantitative and Qualitative measures of real estate Investment Performance

There has always been an unprecedented growth in the real state investment where people are investing their money over buying properties for personal use and for investment purposes. The investment activity gives a positive approach of keeping the value of their investment in safe hands and providing with a good security of capital and income. Measuring the value of a property is just unquantifiable, so there is certain analysis tools used to quantify the rate of return from the investment made into an investment property (Dimson, 2011).

It is an important task to figure out that measuring the profitability becomes much easier to quantify. The increasing prices in UK have made the real state dealers to vary the prices of the property to an average price so that every individual could at least afford the property at an affordable price. Though, it is notified that the property prices have arose spectacularly during the period of 1998 to 2007. This has affected the real state investment performance very vividly.

The UK property market had showed an increasing decline in the prices of investment property. Nonetheless, the property prices in the UK have been expected to fall by 2% as estimated by the RICS (Dimson, 2011). RICS is an international association of professional's real estate. During the period of 2011, on a normal basis the average housing prices was continuously falling in the coming months, that is because of the major decline in the supply of stabilization of the market before the mid of 2011, with prices that could start increasing during the second part of the year. London and South East, on the other hand they have to follow a positive trend in real estate prices so that every individual could at least buy a home for his shelter on affordable prices (Feng, 2011).

It is totally unquantifiable for the ...
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