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Assignment on Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behavior. There are many individuals in psychology program who are often preparing assignments on psychology. They do not have sufficient time to gather research material to prepare assignments. This section of Researchomatic contains many assignments that are prepared by professionals. These psychology assignments will help individuals in preparing their assignments.

PSYCHOLOGY Case Discussions Case Discussions Eating disorders The eating disorder is a light psychosis. Bulimia Nervosa (= Bulimia, Latin, meaning extreme hunger), eating disorder, also known as bulimia will binge eating, and then induce vomiting or improper excretion way (eat laxatives) undigested food after discharge to maintain body weight, the absence of ...
Core Social Motives
Core Social Motives Core Social Motives Question-1 Case Analysis The entire event of an 8 year old boy bullied to death can be described via two social motives and they are “belonging” and “self enhancing”. When it comes to the victim who is 12 years old, it is apparent that he wants ...
Emerging Adulthood
Emerging Adulthood Introduction During a single life time we experience several age groups. As we grow up our life enters different age groups that brings us several different experiences. Given the choice of staying in a certain age group forever I would definitely prefer staying in the age group of Emerging adulthood. ...
Stress And Illness Phenomenon
Stress and Illness Phenomenon Stress and Illness Phenomenon Introduction Human body is majorly influenced by its surroundings. There are in fact a number of factors be it environmental, social, cultural or economical that have a major impact on the human body. Although, humans learn to adapt the changes in their surroundings. However, ...
Raise A Child To Age 5
RAISE A CHILD TO AGE 5 RAISE A CHILD TO AGE 5 Introduction Children shape up their attitudes and behaviors according to the environment and surroundings of development. The environment that encompasses a child is not merely limited to his parents, but also, comprised of the series of events occurred during his ...
Raise A Child To 18
Raise a Child to 18 [Name of the institute]Raise a Child to 18 Description of Child My child is eighteen years old. The gender of my child is female. My child is in best condition of physical and emotional well being. She is getting more independent as the days are passing. She knows ...
Week Two: Establishing Communication Establishing Priorities And Goals
Week Two: Establishing Communication Establishing Priorities and Goals Week Two: Establishing Communication Establishing Priorities and Goals Introduction The counseling is a structured and permissive service that allows customers to better understand themselves so they can be able to make positive steps in the light of the new approach they want to give their ...
The Effects Of Violent Video Games On Children
The effects of violent video games on children The effects of violent video games on children Part I: Comprehension Child psychology and its development are two important aspects that not only require the changes and the challenges that are being felt and experienced through the circle of healthcare and psychology, but that it ...
Article Critique
Article Critique Article Critique The article, Rethinking Procrastination: Positive Effects of “Active” Procrastination Behavior on Attitudes and Performance is written by Angela Hsin Chun Chu and Jin Nam Choi. The article takes into account the proposal that it is not essential that all the procrastination behaviors may either direct to negative ...
Compare Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs Theory With Skinner's Behaviorist Theory
Compare Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs theory with Skinner's Behaviorist Theory Compare Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs theory with Skinner's Behaviorist Theory Introduction B. F. Skinner and Abraham Maslow both are well recognized in the field of psychology. Maslow is well known for his hierarchy of needs including the physical, psychological and emotional requirements of ...
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