Recommendations to the Hotel Management

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Recommendations to the Hotel Management

Recommendations to the Hotel Management


Customer service is the prerequisite of service to customers. Customer service is a sequence of actions designed to improve the level of customer satisfaction i.e. the feeling that a service or product has met the expectation of the customer. The significance of customer service may vary by service, product, customer or industry. The insight of success of such interactions is based on employees who can adjust themselves according to their guest's personality. Customer service plays a significant role in an organization capability to generate revenue and income.

From the perspective of a Hotel, customer service should be incorporated as a part of an overall strategy to efficient improvement. A customer service experience can change the opinion a customer has of the hotel or any organization. Although, making an individual feel comfortable and good appears simple and easy on the surface, but it requires a set of skills and abilities not everyone has. An employer should not only ask questions, he should ask the right ones. He should also look for solutions that are realistic and they should differentiate one client from the next, always start over fresh no matter how unpleasant the last interaction was. A good employer is always patient, he will be hearing people out as much as time restrictions allow.

Model Used - SERVQUAL

The model of SERVQUAL signifies service quality as the difference amongst the expectations of service offering from the customer and the customer's perception of the services received (Bitner, Zeithaml, & Gremler, 2010). This makes it a measure of attitude. This model attempts to measure precisely the customer opinion of the service quality which is based on the range of the gap between perceived service and expected service which in turn depends on the gaps under the control of the service provider like delivery of marketing or service etc. This assessment of service quality is based on how customer appraises the process of service delivery and the result of the service. An excellent service quality is measured as one which exceeds or meets customer's expectations of the service.

When this model was created, it was made of ten dimension of service quality which includes; reliability, tangibles, communications, responsiveness, competence, credibility, courtesy, security, access and understanding the customer. However, these dimensions were later reduced to five for the reason that few proportions were overlapping (Credibility, communication, security, understanding customers, courtesy, competence, and access). Later, the model incorporated Tangibles, Responsiveness, Reliability, Empathy and Assurance (Bojanic, & Rosen, 1994).

Shahin, (2010) asserts that a number of researchers have used the model of SERVQUAL in different industries such as (restaurants, telecommunication industry, retailing, banking sector, airline catering, hospitals, hotels and education etc). He further recommends that service quality has become a significant issue due to its evident relationship to customer satisfaction, profitability, customer retention, costs, and positive word of mouth and it is extensively considered as a mean of financial performance and corporate marketing. In our study, we are significantly interested in ...
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