Six Lessons For Successful Virtual Teams

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Six Lessons for Successful Virtual Teams

Six Lessons for Successful Virtual Teams


The virtual teams are also called the dispersed teams that is scattered into different tasks. The teams are divided into groups of individuals who are assigned different tasks in their different times and these members of virtual team primarily interact through electronic sources. Their main task is to create the links for the organizations and strengthen them through the webs and the use of communication technology. Virtual team has mainly three characteristics. These include purpose, people and the links.


Focusing on people's issues is the First lesson that one has to focus on. It is emphasized that the success of the organizations depends upon the interaction among the team members. They suggested that it is the significant aspect and the organizations must improve the human interaction to build the supportive environment, spirit and trust and also to improve the productivity. For this purpose they have suggested the use of communication tools and the development of web pages in order to develop communication system among team members.

No team is sustained without any trust is the second lesson that has to be retained. It suggests that trust is the major factor that has ultimate effect upon the performance of the team members. The authors have suggested that tasks are accomplished efficiently on the basis of trust levels among the members rather than individual interpersonal levels. They proposed that it is the warning sign if team members have no concern with one another and if they are negative towards each other. They suggested that there must be face to face interaction among the teams. This enables the members to build relationship capabilities.

The third most important lesson to consider is that soft skills are essential to manage people effectively. It also suggests that the ...