Social And Political Problem Of The Arizona

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Social and Political Problem of the Arizona

Social and Political Problem of the Arizona Immigration Law

The concept of migration is a broad topic which defines the movement of people within and across countries. There are studies of intranational, or the internal migration focus on the activities within a country's borders, whereas the concept of international migration that is the emigration and immigration focus on the activities across International borders. Normally the microeconomists and macroeconomists are interested in how the labor market is affected by migration, additional factors of production, and output. Labor economists are mainly concerned in migration as it is a vital factor of labor market outcomes such as earnings and service. The economist who studies the economic development and international economics are concerned with how migrations of people affect the economic outcomes in the developing world and even in the global economy. (Craig, 2010)

The Arizona law generated lot of controversies when it was passed in USA last year. The law enforces the police to inquire the immigration status of people who are stopped for a lawful reason as they are being suspected for their illegal status in USA. The opponents have expressed that it will lead to the profiling based on the race of people and Hispanics will be targeted. The federal government challenged the law and took the matter to the Supreme Court. The Obama administration stated that the measure taken by the Federal Government to properly set the immigration policy. The Arizona legislation also created a new state law which states that the people who would live illegal will commit a crime and the police will be allowed to detain the illegal people considered as illegal aliens. This particular legislation worried the whole state whose 1/3rd of population is foreign born and around 460,000 are illegal immigrants. There were huge protests and demonstrations by the people against the law. The US government intervened last year by directing the state to make changes in their Law and the strict policy measures that were needed to be taken against the immigration was even relaxed. (Craig, 2010)

The problem that Arizona Law had that the significant population was foreign born and lot of them was even illegal because of its proximity with Mexico. The strict policy against the illegal people meant that the large portion of the population which was illegal had to face tough times in the State that could have affected their jobs, education, housing, lifestyle etc. Therefore, the solution to this problem is that the policy regarding the illegal people should be relaxed till the majority of the population doesn't achieve their legal status in the country. The US government should work for the legal status of the population so that they don't face any problems when the state will announce the policy regarding the illegal population. (Craig, 2010)

The approach of Karl Marx and Machiavelli would have been different to resolve the problem. Talking first about the Karl Marx, he would ...
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