Sports And Leisure Identities

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Sports and Leisure Identities


Despite the appearance of legalized equality and social gender, still remain enormous differences that hinder the freedom of women and, in most cases affect their dignity. My intention in this paper is to investigate different feminist theories from a historical and logical perspective, and their relation to leisure and sports. Then, without doubt, the knowledge of feminist thought offers to clarify analysis of the social position women has. Moreover, the methodological tools are very useful to demonstrate, explain and combat sexism that lurks in all practices and social custom. With this text, we intend to discuss issues concerning the theoretical national Physical Education on the participation of women in sports, looking for the proximity of this debate to the issues raised by feminism.


Feminism, the democratic revolution of modernity and commitment are the defense of equality. It has promoted major social changes largely, eliminating many of discrimination that prevented the moral autonomy of women and the exercise of their freedom. After centuries of claims feminist movements, most jurisdictions States' legal rules establishing democratic collected formal equality of rights among all human beings. However, despite this recognition of equality and rights of women, the fact is that the struggle for women's liberation is an Unfinished Business. Huge differences still remain between the sexes in both the public and private, and women still are discriminated in their daily lives and support numerous inequalities with men. Consequently, we must rethink how we can eliminate sexist domination and the obstacles that limit achieving equality and full and effective freedom of all individuals.


The starting point, as feminist theorists have pointed out, is the rediscovery of women's history, their situation, their demands and their achievements. To eradicate the system of subordination that subjugates them, the first step is to realize how it occurs and how women affect to define a strategy for action. Therefore, it is part of the process of awareness, is necessary to take into feminist thought. Furthermore, in words of Alda Facio and Lorena Fries, "feminism is a rich instrument content to fill more democratic values we might want to preserve. That is, knowing the thought feminist-giving could keep the other content-principles and institutions that law has taught us value in order to obtain greater justice and harmony in our Societies” (Jackson,, 2005, pp.59).

The objective of this paper is to approach history of feminist thought, grasp the origin of their claims, understand the differences between the various theories feminists, and analyze the specific criticisms and proposals have posed to improve the status quo of women.

We should note that Feminism is any theory, thought and social practice, policy and law that makes clear goal and end the oppression that support women and to achieve a fairer society that recognize and guarantee the full and effective equality of all human beings. In other words, Feminist theory is a heterogeneous movement, which is composed of a plurality of approaches.

Feminist Movements

The Costa Rican jurist defines the feminist movement as "the set of movements and ...
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