Sustainable Roofing

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Sustainable roofing

Sustainable Roofing


A green roof is a roof covered with vegetation and vegetation. There are different types of green roofs, extensive or intensive green roofs. To encourage construction of green roofs give the municipality of Rotterdam and the water to € 30, - per m2 green roof realized . If you live west of the Schie - part of the catchment of the water Delfland - you will receive € 25, - per m2: the water, the grant for the disconnection due to budget cuts stop put, this would invalidate their contribution to the subsidy for green roofs (Afgan, 2004). All green roofs are eligible for the subsidy if they meet certain conditions. There is a subsidy in Rotterdam, but also in Utrecht, The Hague, Groningen, Amsterdam and Tilburg. Green roofs have many benefits for everyone after all, they look really nice too and that we all want: more green roofs are made and not really that surprised us! The council wants locals to encourage green roofs to be constructed and will own a number of municipal buildings with a green roof. For this, Rotterdam Public Works program set up Green Roofs. On this page you can find information about the Green Roofs Program Rotterdam and the associated subsidy.

When green roofs are widely used, they contribute to a sustainable and healthy city. Green roofs absorb rainwater and carry it in slow motion. This is the sewer charge less if it rains. Green roofs take particles from the atmosphere and form a buffer against pollution. A planted roof insulates the building underneath. This green roofs provide a contribution to reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. This reduces the warming of the city and improve air quality. And of course the city greener, so there are more opportunities for wildlife and the quality of life improves (Satterthwaite, 1997).

The rainwater that falls on a green roof, partially evaporated. Furthermore, the vegetation for some time, water-resistant. On balance, therefore, less water flows into the sewer and at a slower pace. There will be a limitation of the overflow volume and the discharge of stormwater to the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) decreases. The municipality of Rotterdam expects some positive side effects of green roofs, such as improving air quality, lower heating costs, lower CO2 emissions and better sound insulation.

Different types of materials and technologies are available for building design and construction while new materials and advanced technologies are continuously being introduced into the market. The selection of materials is a complex procedure and it is difficult to match materials based on design requirements. Materials are generally selected from the existing catalogues of materials and traditionally experts apply trial and error methods or use experiences to choose new materials or materials having better performance. It is acknowledged that the selection of appropriate materials may reduce the energy consumption and maintenance cost of buildings. As buildings are responsible for significant impact on the environment, eco-friendly materials are becoming popular for housing ...
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