“the Acts Of The Apostles Should Have Been Called The Acts Of The Holy Spirit”

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“The Acts of the Apostles should have been called The Acts of the Holy Spirit”! Do you agree?

“The Acts of the Apostles should have been called The Acts of the Holy Spirit”! Do you agree?

"In one sense, the action is the most important book in the New Testament. This is easily the reality that if we do not own actions, we would, moreover, that we could deduce from the letters of Paul, no data is something about the early church" -. William Barclay (Acts 1976).

This book is called "Acts of the Apostles, but also others from Paul this publication only mentions three other apostles, in actions, 12:02 get a short note that says James, a man his brother John spent Herod, John also appears in the publication, but he never talks, and we have not given any information about him. Peter only other apostles (except Paul), which the author goes into detail about. But even Peter, the rock of Jesus, soon disappears from the scene.

In Greek there is no "in the beginning of the sentence, the correct name of the" Acts of the Apostolic Men "- (Ronald Brownrigg), and this is what it is, a number of typical activities from the beginning of the heroic figures of early church.

Throughout the New Testament, Luke mentioned only three times: Colossians 4:14, Philemon 24:2 and 2 Timothy 4:11. This makes it very difficult to find any information about Luke, his own. We know that Luke was a doctor, and that he may have had with Paul in the key moments, but it's mostly speculation. It is designed to Theophilus as Luke was. But it is not certain proof that they were written by the same person, for Theophilus, if it actually existed would have a book made by different people. Some people say that if Luke, who we think he is that he could not be a writer, because he dies not show kind of knowledge one would expect from a close associate of Paul. But then it's not very accurate, because it will depend on when Luke wrote Acts. If he wrote it many years later, he memory of this event may have been overshadowed, and each sees different events in different ways. So, if the author went around interviewing people, so that he could get many peoples point of view, he may have received conflicting information, and it might come across some of his in writing. Fitzmyer and Barrett as saying that there is more evidence pointing to Luke than to any other person, and there are pointing to him than from him. Thus, for the purposes of this article I will refer to the author of Acts, as Luke.

Acts of the Apostles tells of the filing of the Holy Spirit to the disciples. Christians believe in the importance of the Church. Everyone has a role in the community. All Christians are members of the Catholic ...
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