The Business And Financial Performance Of Wal-Mart Over A Three Year Period

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The business and financial performance of Wal-Mart over a three year period



This research and analysis project which I have completed, analyze the financial performance of Wal-Mart over the period of past three years with the help of ratio analysis. The major aim of this research was to analyze the business and financial performance of Wal-Mart in the past three years. This paper is skills and learning statement for that project. SLS is an evidence of the skills that a student learned in the course of study. In an SLS statement, the student shares his learning, and experiences regarding the project. In this SLS statement, I will describe my learning that I had made during the meetings with my project mentor, which would also include the experience of my presentation to my project mentor.

During the process of the entire RAP, it was an essential stage to go through the preparation of the meetings with my project mentor. I was able to stay in touch with my mentor and completed all the phases of RAP with them. During my first meeting with my mentor, I was facilitated with a concrete basis and prolonged orientation of the RAP that I had in progress. Though there was no transition between mentor, however, due to time constraints, one or other of them were not able to attend the meetings properly and had to be guided regarding the rest of the agenda later. Due to this loss of transition, some constrictions appeared and the perspectives and communicated views of my mentor contradicted. However, in the initial meetings, I was guided a lot be my mentor who gave me enough space to get through the difficulties which were becoming potential hurdles for me during the later phases of RAP. In order to prevail over this hurdle, I over view the points of my mentor and considered it important to move towards my RAP objectives.

For the purpose of conducting efficient and productive meetings, I prepared a good schedule and structured guidelines which have been demonstrated by many guiding books and articles. There were 3 stages of each meeting: planning pertained to making various decisions regarding the venue, timing and agenda of the meeting which was to be held with my mentor. Outlining the meeting was another phase in which the topics of discussions were highlighted and a semi-structured questionnaire was also prepared in order to assist the meeting. Finally, the implementation stage of the meeting was facilitated by the formal recording of the information, execution of agenda and the preparation of the minutes of meeting. Besides this, if anything regarding the meetings required being clarified, it had to be followed up through an email or a phone call.

I always had an aim to develop a career in the field of accounting and finance, as I was always good at dealing with figures, analyzing figures and making sense out of these figures. For this purpose, I had chosen to go for the course of ACCA so that ...
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