Two Visions Of America & Industrial North Versus Agrarian South

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Two Visions of America & Industrial North versus Agrarian South

Two Visions of America & Industrial North versus Agrarian South

Which member of the executive board dazzled you the most with their view of frontier America? Do you agree that if it were not for the frontier and the notion that America should stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific, the war between the North and South might have been fought sooner?

The NATO has created the self-designated international military force for operations and military campaigns from Atlantic to the Pacific. The South has developed industries in accordance with the choice of labors that shows agreements from the notion of frontier America (Licht, 1995). This also serves as the break of manufacturing growth. The return on investment can generate free wage-labor force with the construction of railroads for the regions (Cimoli et al., 2009).

The views of Francis Cabot Lowell for the creation of The-One Industry City dazzled me most about the perspectives on the frontier America (Licht, 1995. He refrains from depending on the artisans of the British immigrants in the search of new investment opportunities for financial support. He is among the few individuals who have influenced the economic history to struggle from the colonialism for the economic independence with the idea of integration of textile mill. The hostilities between Great Britain and France threatened the prosperity as the international shipping was next to impossible that threatened the risk for livelihood (Cimoli et al., 2009).

The executive board members served as a great purpose for the commencement of improvement of manufacture in the United States (Licht, 1995. Therefore, Dan Yeager as executive director as defined in this writing. It is the only reason that under his surveillance and leadership he is considered as the epitome of the industrialization of the America.

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