Typography In Web

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Typography in Web

Typography in Web


From web designing to print to packages and covering all the other fields of media all around, typography plays a very significant role. Typography has a great importance in describing the chain of command of the content and a sound use of typography involves the web design from a visual point of view. Typography is considered to be essential part of design. Focusing on the various applications of typography on the web, it is observed that typography involves all the fonts from huge captions and bold blocks of text to smaller-sized text in body file. Typography is not only a fundamental part of web designing, but it is also a pure amalgamation of science and art (Teague, 2009 .pp.1-10).


The term web typography refers to the implementation of fonts available on the World Wide Web. When hotmail was first introduced, styles and font faces were accessed exclusively by the settings of each web browser. No system was introduced for individual web pages in order to access font display until Netscape was developed, which was then standardized in the HTML 2 specification. The first Cascading Style Sheets specification was published in 1996 and provided the same capabilities. It was first introduced by Gutenberg and the establishment of moveable type.

Elements of Typography

There are two elements that are involved in typography

Typefaces: In web typography, a mixture of characters having common design features is called typeface. The people who design these typefaces are called type designers. Each typeface that is designed by a type designer is introduced with a new function, and there exist thousands of various typefaces having unique feature, being designed continuously. The art of designing typefaces is termed as type design. Typography uses these typefaces with the whitespace between them and in their surroundings to design a complete copy (Baines and Haslam, 2005.pp.32-34).

Fonts: To create a high quality design or image, it is essential for a user needs to select the most appropriate fonts are essential for any image or design. These fonts are used to portray significant information which is the requirement of the specific design. Fonts play a very important role in creating designs as they are responsible for damaging or creating the value of the designs that's why for designers, it is a difficult job important task to select the appropriate font that can directly relate to the design and portray it in such a ...