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Visual Analysis

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Lacma Henri Matisse

The painting uses light or rather dull colors, with a contrast of black and white thus showing an indication towards the character as being a dull one that misses the fun element. Moreover, the posture composition and the texture of the painting indicates that it corresponds to the medieval era and therefore, while the texture focuses not on the surroundings but is more focusing upon the beauty of the drawing or of the person being drawn here.

The above painting shows the message of the painter who focused over the beauty of the person, while neglecting all the other features in the message given. This has also been communicated through the use of the dull colors in the painting, thus indicating that even without the colors that are used to fill the life within a dull picture, even without them the beauty of the woman in the picture can be seen clearly. This can therefore be related to the fact that even without the colors in our life or in other words, when there is sorrow or sadness in our lives we shouldn't forget about the beauty that has been granted to a few of us as a present (Gavrilla, 1999).

One of the most important factors in the drawing is of the textures that have been used in the drawings. The textures that have been used in the painting are in such depth that they are not only showing the baeauty of the portrait but they are actually making the drawings make realistic. The textures of the drawing are so much in depth that they are adding to the life of the drawing, making it look much more realistic and as if making it look like a realistic person.

Lacma Peasant House at Eragny

The above painting shows a use of vibrant but decent colors, while maintaining the composition of the message that has been tried to convey in this picture. The painting is of a Peasant house in Eragny, which is surrounded by lots of trees and flowers. The house itself as has been displayed is very simple but is instead been transformed into a beautiful sight as of the surrounding trees or in other words the natural beauty.

The message that has been tried to communicate through the use of decent but inter related colors that are actually up lifting the overall beauty of the house while the house itself is very simple, is that the house has been showed as a simple one but the natural beauty that is surrounding the house is making it look beautiful.

The message that the painter wants to communicate in this picture is that although a thing can be as simple as anything, but it can be made more beautiful by a simple addition of nature's beauty or nature's creation to it. Therefore, it can be said that the entire focus of the painter is on the natures beauty and this painting just communicates as to how the addition of one natural ...
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