Visual Analysis

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Visual Analysis

Visual Analysis


Analysis of art is a process to respond to, interpret the meanings depicted in the artwork, and critically judge the specific works of art. This process helps understand the art work with respect to its perception, and interpretation. The critical analysis is tend to be focused on contemporary and modern art work from cultural perspective which is closer to the work being analyzed. In this paper we will analyze, compare and contrast the twp artwork of same century, with respect to their painting technique and art media. I have selected two paintings which are as follows:

Embroidery: The Artist's Mother (1882-83) by Georges Seurat

Young Mother sewing(1900) by Mary Cassatt


Embroidery: The Artist's Mother

This art work has been done by Georges Seurat. The linear of this artwork is the perception of the objects through tangible character, it surfaces and outlines. The artist has dwelled upon the boundaries and shapes of the objects. The painterly is perceived by the approach of surrendering to mere visual appearances. In this artwork, the individual objects have been overlooked and the artists played with lights and shades. In addition, the artist has laid the stress on tones of the objects. Moreover we can also observe that as per the outlines and volume, the objects are isolated, whereas for the eyes of painter, they are merged (Boe, 2010).


The artist has used the technique of Sfumato. It is the least linear, defining or grasping and most extreme drawing of Georges Seurat. The artwork has been done entirely on tones. There is not interest in edges shown in the painting. The artwork merges the blends solid and forms into void. It is similar to the face of half-moon on a misty night; the head of the woman is dissolved into the darkness behind her. In the ...
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