A Leader's Role

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A Leader's Role

A Leader's Role

Evaluate how Joan has utilized her role to ensure that lower-level management upholds their position in creating a positive environment. In what ways has Joan been effective, and in what ways could she improve?

A good leader is the one who listens to everyone and do on his own; this is what Joan has to do over this situation. Everything you accomplish in life is indispensable, your ability to communicate, influence, persuades and negotiates others. The most effective managers are those who can organize competently the assistance and cooperation of other people to accomplish objectives and goals. To perform and to keep a peaceful environment within a team, a manager has to be sharp enough to understand the opinions, values, beliefs, attitudes , cultural values, goals, work habits of his team members (Smith, E. P., 1977).

In our case, Joan is a very good manager, she knows her job quite well, but the problem arises here Joe is not listening to her advices. The lower management which is in Assistant Module Manager's authority, need to be treated with good attitude, which Joe is lacking and sometimes abusing people working under him. To create a positive environment within the organization.

Joan can effectively create a positive environment. As a Module Manager, she can create best to create an environment where the majority of the staff can work in a friendly atmosphere.

She could, create a place where the employees are feeling that they are getting what they are doing for the organization. Show and tell the members, the appreciation they need, show your appreciation when they go beyond or above the targets. Organize something event of appreciation for every member where his or her appreciation could be done by awarding his with a best performance batch or a medal, so that employees feels motivated to do their work. Some extra curriculum activities help you achieve more. Other ways to encourage them is to change their roles or position within your organization or say, incrementing in their salaries or promoting to a higher level in accordance to their performance evaluation.

Joan must force other lower level management to be wise and to treat everybody in the team as a family member, keeping a friendly and family work environment can help you achieve from the people working under you. Understanding one's problems within an organization is mandatory, if you would not understand employees problems and try to understand what their need are, then you cannot be a good manager in your life. Joan has been effective in talking to Joe regarding his undesirable attitude. As a manager, she has tried to be positive and often praise Joe's capabilities and tell him to be good with his team members, but he does not listen to her advice. She could improve if she somehow give him some ultimatum or warnings and tell him that his promotion will be delayed or cancelled if he continued with his behavior.

Describe how Joan might use motivation techniques to assist in ...
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