American Airlines Human Resources Issues And Department

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American Airlines Human Resources Issues and Department

American Airlines Human Resources Issues and Department


American Airlines, Inc. is an airline American. It operates domestic and international flights on four continents, from its many hubs at Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), Los Angeles (LAX), New York / JFK (JFK), Miami (MIA) and Chicago O'Hare (ORD). In 2010, this is the 3rd largest airline in the world (behind Delta Air Lines and United Airlines). This paper would present the operations of HR of American Airlines and their policies (Appelbaum & Fewster, 2010).


This process of American Airlines' HR can be divided into 4 phases:

The objectives of the organization

The objectives of human resources given the quantity and quality of its employees will result from the strategic plans of the company. These are those who will govern current and future activity of the organization and giving direction to his people on the expected results. American Airlines use the cascade method, which involves all levels of management for the setting of business goals and achieve them to communicate and coordinate with each other (Bedwell, 1999).

The demands of human resources

Management must determine the skill, ability and knowledge they need to achieve a goal and this is expressed in type and number of employees. There are several methods American Airlines use for forecasting the needs of human resources, among them are the estimates of management, in which the same managers make their estimate of staffing needs based on experience and the other would be the Delphi technique.

Inventory of skills

This inventory meets the basic information used for making decisions on promotions, transfers and new jobs. It takes account of personal data, education, work experience, salary, based on their ability to psychological tests, health information, their preferences and company data. American Airlines also have an inventory of managers included in the assessments of their performance and their strengths, weaknesses and are believed that they will act in the future.


The HR departments of American Airlines have a set of procedures designed to interest and attract capable candidates to fill positions within an organization. It is an information system through which the companies “disclose” and gives the labor market and human resources, employment opportunities pursued. The HR of American Airlines use a “performance pyramid” for recruitment. According to this, the ideal number of stakeholders should be 6 aspirations for each position (Seal & Kleiner, 1999).

Sources of recruitment

Means source of recruitment to the means ...
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