Battle Of Saint Charles In Arkansas During The Civil War

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Battle of Saint Charles In Arkansas During The Civil War

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Background of the Saint Charles battle:4

Purpose of the battle of Saint Charles5



Outcomes of the war6

The Effect Of The Battle Of St Charles7

The Equipment and Tools Factor7

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Battle of Saint Charles in Arkansas during the Civil War


United States of America suffered from a civil war in the country for a period of four years. The Battle of St. Charles was a part of the war. It is famous because it was the most destruct6ive one Shot of the war. The conflicts between the free North and the slaved South became a question of fire. St. Charles was small town of Arkansas situated on ther bank of White River. Eleven states of the South split up from the Union turning their backs to the ideology of America as a single nation. Arkansas and its all thew toen including the St. Charles was also the part of this rebel. Lincoln who sat in the office of president for six weeks at that time announced it as a rebell and had responded against it as an illegitimate succession and negotiated with Congress asking for 500,000 soldiers to crush down the Confederates. This succession that will ultimately result in to a rebellion. A large proportion of the St. Charles was devastated by the battle fought. The Union nearly collapsed under determined Confederate forces.

The central reason behind the battle of sain Charles that was known was almost all the Americans, was slavery, till the Lincoln started liberating most of the slaves in September 1862. Afterwards, battle was officially fought under the issue of slavery. Till after the Civil war, on December 1865, Thirteen Amendment was from that point on, the war officially became one over the issue of slavery. Still, it was not until after the war, in December 1865, that the Thirteenth Amendment was passed supported by the majority of Americans and finally giving freedom to all the Slaves in America. This battle, among all the battles in Arkansas, was an answer to many of the fundamental and basic questions that arouse in the American society. The questions were either freedom or slavery, one or many, one or many. The questions were answered at the cost of hundereds of lives and economical downfall.


Background of the Saint Charles battle:

The battle of Saint Charles, at a town of Arkansas, was a part of the naval engagement when the naval flotilla approached the town of Saint Charles. This was a procession of ships that included St. Louis, USS Mound City, Conestoga, Lexington, and transports, commanded by Cdr. Augustus Kilty, proceeded to White River towards St. Charles, Arkansas, for the purpose of resupplying to Maj. Gen. Samuel R. Curtis's army near Jacksonport. It was part of the Civil War when the Union armies proceeded to the town against the Confederates. A shot was fired by the confederates, and the canon ball hit the steam drum of ...
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