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Cell Phones


With respect to times, technology is improving day by day; no doubt life has become more efficient than the life of the people in the earlier ages. Where ever we go, wherever we look, we see ourselves surrounded by technology. It is no way that we can isolate our self from this world and claims to be away from technology, where ever we go technology would follow us. Even our actions and reactions are all related to technology that we use (Baron, 1).

Thesis Statement

Cell phone is a menace and not an advantage

Main Body

Cell phones today are being used for sending receiving messages games, internet etc. today more than half of the total world population own a cell phone. With this, we can easily analyze that the living standard of more than half of the world has improved or is improving, because they have what we call technology to bring in efficiency to their lives (Baron, 3).

Communication costs have saved because of the usage of cell phones. There have a lot of researches been conducted which have shown in the past that the communication costs that cell phones have saved, has led, many economies to grow. Comparing the earlier days with today, communication has become a lot easier.Today most of the business organizations are heavily based on the operations of cell phones, as cell phones now are not a source of communication only. (Mbiti, 6). It is even believed that in the near future, use of cell phone will be virtually possible at nearly all universities and colleges (HOLMES, 3).

Cell phone brings in disadvantages for its users as well. What we should not forget is that everything that brings in advantages, at the same time it also brings in disadvantages, and this is exactly what has happened in the case of cell phones. One of the biggest problems with cell phones is that people have chosen their life to start and end with cell phones. We are not just using cell phones, but we are addicted to it (HOLMES, 6).

Using a cell phone while driving is one of the causes of accidents. If a person does one thing at a time it is obvious that a major part of his attention or concentration would be on that one specific job, but if an individual gets into multi functioning or multi tasking it is obvious, that he would lose control of his ...
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