Comparison Of Eating Habits

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Comparison of Eating Habits

Comparison of Eating Habits


The eating habits of any country play an important role in the development of every individual. There is a problem in the eating habits because of which obesity in the United States is growing at an alarming rate. According to the experts, it is now ranked as the second in the world's top ten reasons for shortening human life. The only thing which comes before obesity as first on the list is Smoking. One can understand how much of a threat obesity is posing to the world, particularly the United States of America and its' next door neighbor, Canada. It is not that the Americans are faulty in their biology which forces them to grow obese, rather it is' their sedentary eating habits and choice of improper diet which is having such a negative effect (Hurst, 2009).

The thesis statement is about the “Comparison of the eating habits of the American people with their European counterparts, namely the French and the Italians, to observe the difference between them.”


The background of the U.S. diets came up before many years between 1970s and 2000s. The amount of calories is available on average to each citizen of the U.S such as many calories are in Big Mac of McDonald. From a dietary survey of that time period, it has been shown that food which American used to eat is normally closer to 250 calories. Regardless of this energy in taking, the obesity has been prevailed about double between the period of 1970 and 2000, indicating that American's eating habits are comprised of far more calories. These increased intakes of calories are contributed from refined grains, added fats and sugar. On the other hand, the French drifted towards light seasoning and liberal use of spices, creamy ingredients and herbs. Wine and cheese are very important in the French food culture. The French Haute Cuisine is recognized by intricate preparations and visually appealing presentations. The food itself however, is served in numerous courses in small quantities. The French and the Italians have near similar, eating habits (Hewitt, 2003).

For the Italians, food preparation is relatively similar to that of the French. Their eating habits are drastically different from the American however. For the Italians, breakfast is not important, rather it is' something which is like a chore, minimal effort and usually done while doing something else. Coffee and biscuits, ...
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