Correctional Institution Rehabilitation Programs

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Correctional Institution Rehabilitation Programs


The paper discusses the relationship of social justice and the operations of the criminal justice system. This includes but is not limited to crime scene investigation techniques and security; the collection, preservation and presentation of evidence; issues related to correctional institutions, incarceration, and release. It discusses the criminal and social justice theories in relation to the United States Constitution. It also sheds light on socio-economic (cultural) diversity as it relates to contemporary criminal and social justice.

Table of Contents

Criminal justice and social justice4

Crime scene investigation techniques and security4

Issues in correctional facilities6

Criminal and social justice theories8

John Rawls' theory of justice8

David Miller's principles of social justice8

Implications of the theories on criminal justice and US constitution9

Socio-economic (cultural) diversity10



Correctional Institution Rehabilitation Programs

Criminal justice and social justice

Criminal justice relates to social control, crime mitigation, punishment for the violation of laws and rehabilitation efforts. Social justice refers to the creation of a society which is just and fair, which regards the human beings that inhabit it and respects their right. The core principles that govern a society under the social justice are equality and solidarity. Human rights and equality are at the center of social justice (Garside, 2010). These two have to go along as in the success of one will be the success of the other. If the criminal justice system is working fine then and only then will the society be as per the principles of the social justice system. Similarly, if the society is juts then people will live in harmony and they will have a sense of responsibility towards the society which treats them well and looks after their rights. They will not have the motivation to commit crimes. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that both are dependent on one another.

Crime scene investigation techniques and security

When it comes to crime scene investigation techniques and security, it is essential that the crime reporters and investigating officers remain sensitive to the feelings of those who have suffered as a consequence of the crime. For instance, if the investigating officers go for investigation at a murder sight then it is the responsibility of the officers to not pester the crime victims with unwarranted questions (Heffernan, 1999). The victims are usually not in the right frame of mind to be able to answer such questions. Hence, it is better to collect the evidence and leave the investigation from the victims for a later time.

In addition, it is the responsibility of the investigation team to collect all evidence in a manner that does not destroy any evidence. Any carelessness on the part of the investigation team can prevent a criminal from being prosecuted for the crime he has committed. This will not only deprive the victims of justice but will also put the others in danger.

Another major responsibility of the investigation team at the crime scene, as it relates to both the social justice and criminal justice, is to ensure the security of those who help with the ...
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