Customer Service Theory

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Customer Service Theory

Customer Service Theory

Customer Service theory


When a customer goes to a retailer intending to buy a product, they are being benefitted by some types of additional services of have the product available to them. In the same time the customer would be receiving good services from the retailer who would be obliged to help along with the advices regarding the properties of the products, different types, terms and delivery. Considering an oil company assuming that their retail network's function was to sell the lubricants and petrol they would be at a loss when competing with others. The major function of the company is to provide customer service and in the case of the oil company their main goal is to provide an enjoyable service as well as trouble free motoring. Customer service is the essential aspect of marketing mix regarding the services and products that are being provided by a company. A customer service that is of high quality would allow customers to be more loyal to the company. Today the customers are not only interested in what they are being offered in terms of product, however, they are also aware and interested in the extra services that are being provided to them in any aspect.

Aim of the Study

The main purpose of the study is to analyze different studies that are done regarding the customer service and how customer services have an impact for the performance and image of an organization. Furthermore, the study also focuses on the important aspect that creates beneficial results for organizations and how organizations can improve their customer services.

Linking service quality, customer satisfaction, and behavioral intention

Considering the quality of service and the theories of literature, an overview of the relationships in the quality of service, satisfaction of customers, behavioral intention for purchasing the services is being showed in the study. Focused models are being created based on the basic frameworks and further these models are applied and evaluated for highly critical and diverging services for the customers. The quality of service, satisfaction of customers and the data for behavioral intention is gathered from patients of two hospitals. The results backed the models and further the implications, marketing and future research in this aspect was discussed (Woodside, 1989).

Customer Orientation

The research shows the effects of a company that is more customers oriented for the perceptions of service performance and the behaviors that arrive from the services. Mainly, a focus is also given on known the influences that are perceived that a customer oriented company has over the perceptions of consumer quality, satisfaction of customers and the value of the service. The resulting impact of having a customer oriented nature and its effect on the behaviors of the customer is also being studied. The results from almost 650 customers show that customer orientation is linked with solely linked with the evaluation of services, goods and the employee service performance. The circuitous effects over the quality of the organization, satisfaction of customers, behaviors are also ...
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