Discrimination In Recruitment

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Discrimination in Recruitment

Discrimination in Recruitment


Discrimination is a form of passive violence, becoming, at times, attack in a physical fight. It designates who discriminate differential treatment or less in terms of rights and social considerations of individuals, organizations and states. They make the difference either by skin colour, ethnicity, sex, age, culture, religion or ideology.

Discriminate individuals have a distorted view of man's essence and characteristics attributed to themselves or virtues that place them a step above that certain group. From the "height" can judge the rest of the qualities that individuals do not make the essence of these. Sometimes this rejection manifests hateful looks or lack of acceptance in public places, jobs or schools, actions that affect a person rejected (Butler 1999, 23). Bias to certain types of communities make individuals belonging to these are prejudged before being known. Are widespread and rejected. Intolerance, rejection and ignorance in most cases are decisive for the birth of discriminatory conduct.

Types of Discrimination

There are the following types of discrimination Butler 1999, 23):

Social Discrimination

Disabled people are among the most affected in the country. For them it is difficult finding a job, obtain optimum medical care for their problems; make achieve educational institutions according to their needs and resources (the state does not provide the appropriate support.) For those who have physically disabled and used to move wheelchairs or canes it is impossible travel on public roads without juggling.

Sexual Discrimination

From the beginning of history, men and women have been involved in a senseless struggle. The belief in the superiority of males over females is rooted in the subconscious of million since the dawn of civilizations. In the beginning, the woman must be complied with the orders of their husbands was socially excluded. The management of the community was allowed only for men. So, the years passed, fallen empires, emerging countries, monarchs wobbly. Democracy came and states but even in that instance, women had to fight them for inclusion in this new system. Feminism is often the end and ends up having the same attitude as machismo. These two extremes are useless need to understand what equality beyond sex.

Racial Discrimination

Although we are all members of the same race, Homo sapiens, there are external features that make us different. For various reasons, individuals are born with different skin pigmentation. This colour is the reason why many are discriminated against. Since the European colonization of the continent of Africa and America there have been acts of discrimination toward those who do not have the same complex. They were abused and exposed to torture and a life without dignity. America experienced a similar history; the settlers removed most of the native culture of the New World. Why? The answer is difficult.

Human beings often want to feel superior, perfect, and wants to be God. And how is it possible? They are determining that some of their peers are inferior and unworthy of equal treatment (Francis, 2003 31-60). Battles over skin colour or ethnicity were the ...
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