Four Seasons Hotel

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Four Seasons Hotel in Guangzhou

Four Seasons Hotel in Guangzhou


The purpose of this study is to expand the boundaries of our knowledge by exploring some relevant information relating to the analysis of four season hotel in Guangzhou. In today's world of constant change, fierce competition and an uncertain future, strategic management is becoming increasingly necessary. Virtually all corporations develop and implement effective strategies to stay competitive in the market. In order to perform better than others in the Chinese market, the hotel requires analysis of the business environment. Over time, changing market realities and changes to other market factors appear to cause the primary mode of action of organizations. To survive and remain competitive or improve their competitive position, “Four season hotel” must react to changes in the environment.

Four season hotel in Guangzhou

The Four Seasons Hotel is considered one of the world's most renowned five star hotels. Four Seasons Hotel have established themselves as the topmost hotels in the five star arenas. It is very clear to many that if you look for beauty, luxury and elegance beyond measure, anywhere in the world, there is no place better than the Four Seasons. The line of hotels have produced a sustained level of service and have provided magnificent holiday experiences for over a decade making them not only elite but the best in the business. Four Season Hotel opened this month in China's third-largest city, and it occupies the top 30 floors of the 103-story Guangzhou IFC, a vase-shaped building that is among the world's tallest skyscrapers. Upon entering the 70th-floor lobby, guests are flooded with natural light from the 34-story central atrium, and panoramic views abound of the Pearl River Delta below. It has 344 guest rooms (rates starting at $327), including 42 suites, and six restaurants and bars offer a variety of fare.

By focusing on the environment of Chinese market, we will examine some significant factors that are affecting the business of four season hotel in China. For the purpose of conducting the environmental analysis, we will take in to consideration economic indicators that affect the hotel business environment in Chinese market. We will also perform PEST analysis to evaluate the influence of political, economic, social and technological factors on the Chinese market. Finally, we will discuss the role of government in encouraging the organization to conduct business in the Chinese environment.

Environmental Analysis of the Chinese Market

PESTLE Analysis

Political landscape

China has been under single-party leadership for around 60 years and the leadership has been able to impose its decisions on the country without going through deliberations and negotiation. Consequently, China witnessed high economic growth in the late 1980s, making the country one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. However, China's relationship with Taiwan remains a matter for concern. Despite pressure from the international community, there is still no resolution in sight. In addition, China still lacks a federal structure, which would allow the state to accomplish its goals at a local level (Zhang, 2012, ...
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