Google's Strategic Plan

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Google's Strategic Plan

Table of Contents

Executive Summary3

Google inc. Company Background3

Google's History4

Products and Services4

The company's mission4


Strategic Situation Analysis5

SWOT Analysis6





Alternatives & Recommendations8


Google's Strategic Plan

Executive Summary

This research provides an analytical study to develop a new strategic plan for Google to meet the challenges resulting from global changes. In our discussion, we will first address each of the vision and mission of Google, and their assessment, and the related environmental scan. Following these, we propose a contingency and risk management plan. Analysis begins with the actual detailed review of the external environment to identify opportunities and threats imposed on Google through the surrounding environment, and summarize the most important competitive advantages. This is followed by a detailed discussion of the internal environment of the company to identify strengths, weaknesses and core competencies. Then, an analytical study SWOT Analysis shows the results of internal and external audit.  To determine the strategic direction for Google, we will present the strategic situation and evaluate the work SPACE matrix. Finally, the paper proposes a few recommendations and alternative to enhance the strategic focus of Google Inc. Google Inc. Company Background

Google is a technology company with an index of sites and other Internet content for users, advertisers, and members of the network of Google, and other content providers. Automated search technology with Google helps users to gain instant access to relevant information from Google'sindex on the Internet. The Company provides targeted advertising and search solutions on the Internet (Battelle, 2005). 

Google's History

In 1996, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, teachers at the University of Stanfodr, initiated a research project on the establishment of a search engine on the World Wide Web. The study aimed to develop a search engine, meant to analyze the relationships between web sites, arranging them in the order of popularity. Larry Page and Brin registered the ownership of 15 domains in September 1997 (Vise & Malseed, 2005). In 1998, the company became a Corporation, and by the year 2000, Google increased its size sharply; Google users got research speed at the press of (Enter), the search results and advertisements relating thereto will appear in the parts of the second. This was the usual way to express the way ads are bidding on the price.

Products and Services

The products include Google and its services to users.  In addition, the Google Toolbar, Google Chrome, Google Pack and Google Desktop, Google Earth, Google Maps, and the program fee are some of the Google shopping services on the Internet. Google Sales in 2008 were over 2.1 trillion dollars and its annual income stood at 21.8 billion dollars.

The company's mission

The company's mission is a statement about the reason for the presence of the company, the company's mission is the starting point for the development of managerial and administrative structure, and thus the extension of the mission is not a means for evaluation (Cade, 2009). The mission of Google is to "Organize the world's information and make it useful and accessible globally.”

Google changed the way people search and access information. The founders Brin and Larry's vision turned the company into a necessity around the world ...
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