Mgt 599 Case 1 Strategic Management

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MGT 599 Case 1 Strategic Management

MGT 599 Case 1 Strategic Management

Executive summary

Managing change also entails being able to prepare the staff for the evolving demands of the clients. Starbucks pursued its overall objective to establish itself as the most recognizable and respected brand in the world by focusing on retail expansion and product innovation. Starbucks believed in creating an experience around the consumption of coffee and to achieve this they developed and operated on an experiential branding strategy.


Starbucks has proven over time to be the new role model of other coffee shops around. They are playing host to wireless Internet which caters to the student or the business professional on the go. Starbucks offers slight variety to choose from between coffees, teas, and pastries to ensure there is a little something for everyone. They have mastered the 'thinking of you' gift. There truly is something to this corporation.

Main Body

In today's business world it is critical to understand the importance of implementing change as dictated by demands. The change can be precipitated by consumer demands, employee retention or technological advances within the industry. Regardless of the reasons that lead to the demand for change, the way that management and staff implement and acclimate to the changes will determine the full effectiveness of the changes.

Starbucks understands the need for change and how to make it happen effectively

Mission Statement

Starbucks has exemplified the ability to foresee and manage their future business needs while maintaining steady customer service throughout the changes. Starbucks has created a precedent for dealing with proactive growth on a scale that has not been seen before, with the possible exception


Organizing how the technology is to be distributed is a key process as well. Test markets must be set up to see if the trend analysis is accurate. Managing the new technological services as they roll out to the storefronts and making certain those services are successfully implemented is vital to ensure consumer satisfaction. Finally, controlling how that technology is key to making sure illegal or harmful activities are not occurring at the local stores. Outlined below are several of the key pieces of technology used in the local stores and how the concepts were developed, implements, and controlled. Starbuck's legacy as a leader in implementing breakthrough technology was cemented by the addition of the wireless network at the local stores. This addition in technology was heralded by the then Chairman, Howard Schultz, who considered Starbucks the “Third Place (with home and work being the first two) where you spend much of your time.” Starbucks began offering this technology over a decade ago to customers as a bonus for stopping into the store for a cup of coffee. Now, at any given point in the day, one may see numerous business meetings occurring, interviews for potential positions, study sessions, or even authors working on future Pulitzer novels. Management utilized planning to seek out business partners that would best serve the need of rolling out the wireless servers needed in each local ...
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