Quality And Operations Management

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Quality and Operations Management

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For the administration of the quality of service within the department operations, you must have a clear concept of what the service and importance of this within an organization and the quality itself and its importance. To implement this, it is necessary to rely on certain fundamental principles that provide a competitive advantage in the market.

To ensure that the quality management of the service to succeed, must overcome barriers such as the feeling that it is impossible to meet desires of customers, exceed the difference between what customers want and what the organization believes they want and the exaggerated promises sales promotion.

Service quality should be administered, so that staff to understand how problems occur, in order to take necessary actions for their elimination and for this it is necessary as a first step, getting the motivation and participation of all staff in the creating a unique vision and mission of the department, that provide guideline based on the quality of service.

To achieve the personal involvement, we need to address the department has clearly defined the role it should play in quality management, not forgetting that its main function is to encourage staff development.


Service quality has become the ultimate competitive weapon for companies not only to ensure customer loyalty, but also to enhance the potential for differentiation of products and services.

Therefore, this graduate work has been developed to understand the structure and management of multiple elements involved in the provision of quality services as a basic foundation for developing a strategic approach to managing services which meets the needs department and, in turn, allows developing a guide for the direction, conduct and control of all elements of the service, to be able to develop policies, strategies and processes to raise the level of customer satisfaction, both internally and externally (Brown, 2005, 201).


Is the set of tangible things, actions, personal interactions and attitudes that are designed and delivered to meet the needs of a client and that is in our area of expertise.

Service CharacteristicsThe main characteristics of a service are:a. Intangibilityb. Heterogeneityc. Inseparability of production and consumptiond. Expiry

Service TriangleFor service development identified three characteristicsclient-oriented, these features are:a. Strategy: This provides guidance to gain advantagescompetitive and connected with the systems and people, through which is implemented.


It is the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service related to its ability to meet customer needs. Therefore, service quality is not achieved only when they meet customer needs, but when they are constantly exceeded. It is a fundamental factor of economic activities without which these activities do not meet their goals. Quality, may also adopt other names such as efficiency, effectiveness or competence, but all serve the same principle: do things right the first time.

In addition, good quality can mean covering the minimum standards for adequate care and achieve high standards of excellence. Quality can refer to the technical quality of care, non-technical aspects of service delivery ...
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