Operations Management Module

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OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT MODULE Operations management module

Operations management module


The two organizations that have been selected for Quality management are Toyota Corporation and Tesco Supermarket. The concept of quality management is essentially the set of activities that contribute to the achievement of quality in the production of goods or services. Broadly speaking, it can be considered the way that gives organizations complete system to manage and assure its production quality. The main task of quality management is to ensure compliance with respect to market standards, which include certifications according to ISO 9001 or ISO / TS 16949.

(a) The implementation of quality management in Toyota Corporation

Toyota Corporation is one of the largest automobile corporations in the world. The production rate of their cars is unusually high. They are having a huge market share in the field of the automobile industry. Due to all these factors, it is very important for the Toyota Corporation to ensure quality management in their operations. The customer base of Toyota Company is very high, and, they can surely not compromise on their quality. This is the reason why Toyota would need to implement the concepts of quality management to maintain high quality of work. The responsibility of the Quality Assurance Department will be very high. Their contribution towards the quality production of cars will be vital. However, in order to achieve these objectives, the department will need to work very hard. In the following paragraphs, the way, Toyota will adopt Quality Assurance methods will be discussed in detail. (Berk, 1993, pp. 24-46)

Basic Process of Quality Management

For a product or service, quality management is the organizational process of steering and managing the system to ensure satisfaction as per requirements. The internal and external stakeholders of the company should be provided with the best possible products and services. Quality management also relates to research, especially the scientific research that encompasses actions taken to produce and develop scientific knowledge. In addition, scientific research also refers to the social, economical, institutional and legal actions relating the function of quality management. Moreover, quality management is also responsible to not only monitor the efficiency but also improve it. It attempts to make certain the efficient utilization of the resources ensuring that the process is improved continuously. (Crosby, 1979, pp. 12-35)

Customer Satisfaction

It is very common to describe the quality in relation to satisfaction of the customer. As part of quality management, quality is a target whose criteria are precisely set. The industrial grade is the result of a production process at all stages, whether it is the design, implementation or control. The word control itself has several meanings. It can be used as a synonym for examination, verification and improvement. The implementation of a system of quality management makes it possible to provide greater customer satisfaction through products and services offered. A particular system may be defined to ensure the relationship between a particular supplier and his customer. (Cullen, 1987, pp. 59-75)

Measuring Quality Management

Quality management is a broad conceptual process ...
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