Reflective Paper Of Hrm

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Reflective paper of HRM

Reflective paper of HRM


For one to reflect accurately on the major components of Human Resource Management (HRM), they first must be able to identify what effective Human Resource Management is all about. Human Resource Management is the designing of management systems to assure that human talent is used effectively and efficiently to accomplish organizational goals. In order for organizations to be effective, their Human Resource Management department must be effective to succeed. There must be an effective communication between all managers and employers, so that each will know what is expected in the organization as well as their goals and mission (Boxall, 2003).

There are several key components that make up Human Resource Management, they include (but not limited to): staffing, organization, development, compensation, and management. When Human Resource Management is being productive, each of these elements is consistent and work as one to be effective. Within each if these components, there are a few functions that is needed, they include:

• EEO and affirmative action

• Human resource planning, recruitment, and selection

• Human resource development

• Compensation and benefits

• Safety and health

• Employee and labor relations

Discussion and Analysis

Along with all this need information the greatest aspect of it all is employment development. There are bound to be challenges bought by the invasion of aggressive, unstable, social, technological forces. To obtain their competitive advantage, these particular corporations who utilize their Human Resource Management, must also apply innovative policies that enhance worker custody rates, and employment.

Although each component deserves the same amount of attention I must reflect first On the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO). These particular programs were created to prevent employment discrimination or any diversity issue and also take remedial action to deter previous employment discrimination. The way that the EEO works, is when a person is hired it starts and when there employment with the company ceases it ends, and this process is like this for each individual employee. When there is a position to be filled within the company, the Human Resource Management team must follow all guidelines within the laws. “EEO affects each process of the Human Resource Management such as the recruiting, hiring, training, evaluating, compensation, termination, planning, and collective bargaining.” Personally I believe that the EEO is extremely valuable to employees when it comes to protecting them from potentially bad employers.

Recruiting, planning and selection process are also important to the Human Resource Department. When we refer to these three parts of Human Resource management the terms generally speak for themselves. Recruiting is directly related to the planning and selection stage. They influence the way organizations choose to hire and how many applicants will apply for the positions whether or not they actually accept the position.

All of this relates back to the planning stage. Human resource planning is an efficient process in a company's strategy. The whole planning process begins with intentions and goals derived from the organizations forecast. Proper planning in the human resource department is a guideline ...
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