The Revolutionary War

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The Revolutionary War

The Revolutionary War


The War of Independence of the United States was a conflict that pitted the thirteen colonies original British North America against the Kingdom of Great Britain. Occurred between 1775 and 1783, ending with the British defeat at the Battle of Yorktown and the signing of the Treaty of Paris, during the war, France helped the American revolutionaries ground troops commanded by Rochambeau and the Marquis de La Fayette and fleets under the command of marine and Guichen, Grasse and d'Estaing. Spain, meanwhile, did initially by Bernardo de Galvez and openly from the Battle of Saratoga, using weapons, supplies and opening a front in the southern flank (Stewart, 1991).

The British colonies that became independent from Britain built the first liberal democratic political system, lighting a new nation, the United States, incorporating revolutionary new ideas that advocated equality and freedom. This colonial society was formed from waves of immigrant settlers, and in it there were the characteristic features of European estates rigid system. In the southern colonies (Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia) had organized a slave system (with some 500,000 black slaves) that exploited snuff plantations, cotton and sugar. Thus, the population was made up of large and small owners and slaves. The background to the War of Independence of the United States goes back to the Franco-British confrontation in North America and the consequences of the Seven Years War.


Course of the revolutionary war

April 17, 1775 there was the first armed clash between British troops and American separatists. British detachment (700 men) under the command of Smith was sent to Concord (a suburb of Boston) for the removal of weapons from a cache belonging to the American separatists. However, the squad was ambushed and retreated. A similar incident occurred in Lexington. British troops were locked ...
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