Transferring And The Objectives

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Essay on “Reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve.”

Topic: Please provide a statement (250 words minimum) that addresses your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve.

This essay is aimed at NYU.

Relaxing, Comfortable, Convenient. When I enrolled at my current college, I knew what to expect from my college life. The sixteen AP credits I earned in my high school were all accepted, which gave me an advantage over the other people. The school is located in a quiet college town, which are only a few minutes away from my home. If I wish, I can go home every weekend to stretch out on my own bed (the school bed is too small for a 6 feet 2 guy like me) and eat delicious homemade food. I participate in various school group activities and started my own business by creating a web site to fulfill my after class life and develop my leadership skills. It helped me in learning to organize, plan and work as a team. But when I started planning for my future path, I realized that I couldn't just be satisfied on what I have right now. I want more challenges.

Last year, I had a trip to New York City and NYU. Although I had seen New York on TV, when I first stood on Wall Street, I was thrilled. Skyscrapers stood on both sides of Wall Street; it was like standing in a canyon where I could only see a thin strip of the sky: New York City, the world's cultural and financial center, home to countless banks, trust companies, and exchanges. NYU is perfectly integrated into New York City. Thirty-one Nobel Prize winners make the university world-renowned. Stern Business School is one of the most well known ...
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