United Nations Organization And Diplomacy

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In what way has the United Nations Organization affected the conduct of diplomacy?


The paper discusses about the ways that United Nations has influenced conducting of diplomacy. The approach which has been taken in this essay is critical analysis from the gathered information from books and websites. This methodology has been taken to illustrate the effectiveness of the UN in conducting of diplomacy. Despite the different views and opinions but there are fact and events which has been evident the influence of UN. The discussions highlights that the end of the Soviet Union's is indeed the end of the cold war are present the renaissance of the UN activities that began. The end of the cold war allows the Security Council to be more effective and vigor. It is a fact that there is significant change in the world politics due to the creation of the United Nations.

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Structure of the paper4

The Structure Of United Nations4

Diplomacy In The United Nation8

United Nations During The Cold War9

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In what way has the United Nations Organization affected the conduct of diplomacy?


The United Nations Organization has impacted on the conducting diplomacy among the states and International actors. Essentially the United Nations (UN) is an institutional organization structure which facilitates conducting the foreign policies among the states members and key decisions made by representative states and individuals who does not belong to the states. The League of Nations put down the basic for the UN, despite the failure of the league. After the devastated second war in Europe, the leader of the nation's started seeking for solutions to avoid the International conflict. Thus, the United States, Great Britain and UN allies' leader announced the second new great successor Universal International Organization (Weiss, Forsythe & Coate.2010.p.13-15).

The world is without predominant power authority but the international law and sovereignty of states utilized for achieving national interest. States in their International Relations are seeking for their own national interest despite the International juridical order. Hedley Bull states that International diplomacy continues to be the anarchical society. Whereas, Jacobson states that world government is a network of interdependence. It is a fact that currently the UN is not the world government, as stated by Stephen Krasner; it is an organized hypocrisy. Thus, the purpose of this essay is to illustrate how UN influenced the diplomacy among the states and international prominent.

Structure of the Paper

The structure of this essay will be in three main section First; the structure of United Nations, secondly; diplomacy in the United Nations and thirdly, the United Nations during the cold war. Diplomacy has become more and more important to prevent from the International conflict and global crisis, thus, for this reason though United States can discuss and debate their forging policy. Thus, in my point of view emergence diplomacy in UN is a relevant topic to be discussed.

The Structure of United Nations

The United Nations has a large amount of agencies, and they organs the structure based on the charters ...
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