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Essay on Accounting

Accounting in essence is an information science which caters the processes of keeping or maintaining financial accounts. The field is diverse and complex and requires critical analytical skills. In this section, Researchomatic provides a large database of carefully selected and compiled accounting essays for its users. These essays relate to different topics, issues, case analysis and research in the field.

Corporate Finance
CORPORATE FINANCE CORPORATE FINANCE - Banking Sector CORPORATE FINANCE - Banking Sector Introduction The industry selected for the assignment is “Banking”. The companies selected for the analysis are HSBC Holdings PLC, Lloyds Banking Group PLC, The Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC, and Barclays PLC. The assignment entails the description about the performance of ...
Accounting Standard & Theory
Accounting Standard & Theory [Name of the Institute]Synopsis The following paper will reviews about the positive accounting literature following publication of Watts and Zimmerman (1978-79). This paper will help in generating positive accounting literature which will offer an explanation of the practices of accounting. The following paper will also suggest about the ...
Understanding The Concept Of Taxable Income
Understanding the Concept of Taxable Income Introduction3 Discussion3 Pros and Cons of Cash Flow Accounting Method3 Pros and Cons of Accrual Accounting Method4 Calculation of Andrew's Taxable Income on the Basis of Accrual and Cash Method5 General explanation of the cash basis, including details of when it will be introduced, and whether there will need to ...
Auditing Report
AUDITING REPORT A Report Entitled “Audit concentration -Lack of Competition in the Large Company Audit Market” Introduction3 Discussion3 Concentration Development4 Reasons of Auditing market Concentration5 Analysis of the Concentration Research of Auditing Market6 Concentration Measurement6 Concentration Research7 Supplier Concentration8 Conclusions9 References11 A Report Entitled “Audit concentration -Lack of Competition in the Large Organization Auditing market” Introduction With respect to the article published in Accountancy ...
International Financial Reporting
International Financial Reporting International Financial Reporting Introduction This study aims to identify the major changes that the international standards accounts have been suffering in the adaptation process for the adoption of IFRS. This is a descriptive study, carried out by means of literature and documental qualitative approach. The research results show that ...
Rea Model
REA MODEL REA Model-Case Study REA Model-Case Study Description of the problem At present, Barry's Plumbing is facing three different sorts of problems in their Business cycle. Initially the problem lies in the orders of Brach Managers. When a stock needs to be replaced each branch manager is supposed to send request for ...
Accounting Analysis
Accounting Analysis [Name of the Institute] Exhibit :1 YEAR 3 YEARS AGO 2 YEARS AGO 1 YEAR AGO Q-1 Q-2 Q-3 Cost of supplies 100 .9199 .9446 .9477 .9410 .9614 Exhibit : 2 Key Indicators 3 YEARS AGO 2 YEARS AGO 1 YEAR AGO Q-1 Q-2 Q-3 Business prime rate % 7 6.875 4.250 4.750 5 5 CPI 111.4 114.7 116.2 121.9 122 122.2 Fats & Oils 161.82 165.38 194.44 218.99 221.02 236.98 Raw Industrials 258.06 235.55 231.72 258.69 260.01 269.91 Textiles 236.39 230.5 221.41 234.29 241.01 239.83 Diesel fuel 50.36 52.56 54.34 65.04 56.41 58.69 Coarse road salt 57.28 52.91 52.91 52.91 52.91 52.91 Natural gas 4.5 6.08 3.82 6.22 6 5.96 Copper (US per ton) 1788 1578 1559 1663 1641 1753 Metals sub index 236.06 193.55 178.92 201.5 207.09 218.15 MATERIAL SUPPLY BUDGET Q-3   Quantity % of Time Cost Amount Fats & Oils 236.98 5% 0.9614 227.833 Raw Industrials 269.91 5% 0.9614 259.491 Textiles 239.83 5% 0.9614 230.573 Diesel fuel 58.69 5% 0.9614 56.4246 Coarse road salt 52.91 5% 0.9614 50.8677 Natural gas 5.96 5% 0.9614 5.72994 Copper ...
Community Health Setting
COMMUNITY HEALTH SETTING Levels of Intervention used in the Community Health Setting Levels of Intervention used in the Community Health Setting Introduction The term community-based may also have a very different meaning, that of the community serving as the target of change [1]. The community as target refers to the goal of creating ...
Week 3: Supplementary
WEEK 3: SUPPLEMENTARY Week 3: Supplementary - Online Quiz Week 3: Supplementary - Online Quiz Question 1 4 out of 4 points How do you calculate the average product of labor? Answer Selected Answer:    Total output produced divided by total units of labor employed Correct Answer:    Total output produced divided by total units of labor ...
Essential Of Accounting Assignment
Essential of accounting assignment Essential of accounting assignment E5-16 Data Inventories Beginning Ending Raw material $9000 $13100 Work in Progress $5000 $7000 Finished goods $9000 $6000 Total cost incurred Raw material purchased $54000 Direct labor purchased $57000 Manufacturing overhead $19900 Indirect labor $ 5500 Factory insurance $ 4000 machinery depreciation $ 4000 Machinery repairs $1800 Factory utilities $3100 Miscellaneous factory cost $1500 Solution Cost of goods manufactured schedule of ...
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