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Assignment on Architecture

Making arts architecture assignment is one of the prime tasks for students in the field of architecture. The ability of a student to turn abstracts into reality is observed through the quality of his/her assignment. This section of Researchomatic helps students in making quality architecture assignments. Students can make use of its large database to get required data.

Edwin Lutyens And Le Corbusier
EDWIN LUTYENS AND LE CORBUSIER The Classical Edwin Lutyens and the Critical Rationalist Le Corbusier The Classical Edwin Lutyens and the Critical Rationalist Le Corbusier Introduction The different religions and cultures in India have each left their mark on the art of building. Largely designed by Lutyens over 20 years, the city ...
Space Needle
Space Needle Space Needle Introduction I lived in Seattle for two years and I went to the Space Needle which was structured for the purpose of an observation tower. It has 605 ft high, 138 ft wide and weighs 9550 tons. It has a very strange appearance which looks just like an UFO ...
ARCHITECTURE Architecture Architecture Introduction Architecture is the process and at the same times a physical structure. It is the process in the sense that it never stops. It is a continuous process and with the passage of time it changes. These changes base on the culture, trends, history and other related factors of the ...
Heating And Ventilation System Plan
HEATING AND VENTILATION SYSTEM PLAN Building Heating and Ventilation System Plan Building Heating and Ventilation System Plan Introduction Cooling and heating operations in the buildings account for about 44 percent of the total use of energy of the building. Thus, it is necessary to ensure that whether these systems are operating in best form ...
Construction Planning
CONSTRUCTION PLANNING Construction Planning Construction Planning Overview of the Building Introduction Geometry of the Building The general layout of the building is shown in Figure 1. At ground level, the floor beams FB are not provided, since the floor directly rests on ground (earth filling and 1:4:8 c.c. at plinth level) and no ...
Building Control
BUILDING CONTROL Building Control Building Control 1. Preferred Building Control The building control is authorized by the government sponsored organization. These are governemnt entities which are responsible for managing the building control of the region. The Building Regulations 2010 are made under powers contained in the Building Act 1984, as ...
Property-Led Regeneration Project by
Property-Led Regeneration Project By Introduction1 Problems of the Area1 Project Objectives in Relation to Identified Problems1 The Regeneration of Project was Traditional or Radical?4 Source: Funding Sources and Political Support identified by the Project Beneficiaries6 Scope of the Project7 Underlying Assumptions of the Project9 Perception of the Project by Different Interests9 Cautious Support9 Thameslink Trains9 More Connections10 Local Regeneration and Borough Market10 Problems that ...
Enh4006 Built Environment
ENH4006 BUILT ENVIRONMENT ENH4006 Built Environment ENH4006 Built Environment More than a quarter of all UK houses are terraced and although there can be minimal space in which to extend, clever design solutions or choosing to simply remodel the existing layout instead can result in a surprisingly spacious, practical home. The ...
Historical Design
HISTORICAL DESIGN Module 3 - Historical Design Module 3 - Historical Design Task -A Considering interior furniture design to be inspiring in terms of domestic interior for the period of post modernism, this paper presents a report placing elements of interior furniture design period of post modernism within a social and political context. ...
Sistine Chapel
Sistine Chapel Sistine Chapel Sistine Chapel's history goes a long way back to 1481 when it was built in the Vatican City by Pope Sixtus IV. The walls of Sistine Chapel were decorated by several top artists of that time. Michelangelo added further gloss to the Chapel by getting the ceiling painted. The ...
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