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Essay on Biology

Biology is vast field. It comprises of many branches and sub disciplines. By studying biology, an individual is able to know that how an organism is made up of. Many students are asked to prepare an essay on biology. Researchomatic is offering a wide variety of essays on biology that will help individuals in completion of their essays. These topics of essays on biology encompass various disciplines of biology.

Ectothermic And Endothermic Metabolism
Ectothermic and Endothermic Metabolism Comparing Ectothermic and Endothermic Metabolism Metabolism Rate Definition “The amount of energy liberated or expended in a given unit of time. Energy is stored in the body in energy-rich phosphate compounds (adenosine triphosphate, adenosine monophosphate, and adenosine diphosphate) and in proteins, fats, and complex carbohydrates”. The chemical reactions of cells, ...
Amphibian Toxicology
AMPHIBIAN TOXICOLOGY Amphibian Toxicology Amphibian Toxicology Review Article on Amphibian Toxicology Mann RM, Hyne RV, Choung CB, Wilson SP (2009) Amphibians and agricultural chemicals: Review of the risks in a complex environment. Environmental Pollution. 157, 2903-2927. Introduction Amphibians around different parts of the world are exposed to different kind of chemicals, fertilizer chemicals (chemicals used in ...
Investigation Into The Link Between Dietary Fibre And Incidence Of Bowel Cancer
Investigation into the Link between Dietary Fibre and Incidence of Bowel Cancer Investigation into the Link between Dietary Fibre and Incidence of Bowel Cancer Genomic damage resulting in aberrant gene expression is the fundamental cause of all cancers. Such damage includes mutations, aberrant epigenetic marking, chromosomal damage and telomere shortening. During cancer ...
Mendel’s Laws
MENDEL'S LAWS Mendel's Laws & Neural Basis of Emotion Mendel's Laws & Neural Basis of Emotion Mendel's Laws of Heredity Introduction Mendel is considered as the father of genetics; he discovered several things relating to heredity. Because of his studies and experiments with peas, genetics has advanced and today we have a plethora of ...
Does Longevity Differ Between Homeothermic And Heterothermic Endotherms?
Does longevity differ between Homeothermic and Heterothermic Endotherms? Does longevity differ between homeothermic and heterothermic endotherms? Introduction Birds and Mammals are endotherms because they obtain their body heat from cellular processes. A constant source of internal heat allows them to maintain nearly constant core temperature, despite the fluctuating environmental temperature. Core means ...
BIOLOGY Cardiovascular System Cardiovascular System Introduction The cardiovascular system is a complex blood flow system of a human body, the anatomically from the heart and the blood vessels makes sure the maintenance of the blood circulation. The function of the cardiovascular system is to ensure that blood reaches the whole body, so that all ...
The Skeletal System
The Skeletal System The Skeletal System Introduction Skeletal System The skeletal system in humans is composed of 206 bones, which are connected by tendons and ligaments. The skeletal system supports soft tissues; it produces blood cells, stores minerals and supports movements of the body. The skeletal system can be divided into axial skeleton and ...
ASSIGNMENT Assignment Assignment 1) Carbohydrates are the historic name of a group of natural compounds, capable of being described by the formula elementary CH 2 O, suggesting that they are composed mostly of carbon and water - hence the name. Subsequent studies showed that the elemental formula CH 2 O corresponds to the molecular ...
Trap-Neuter-Release Programs And Feral Cats
Trap-Neuter-Release Programs and Feral Cats Trap-Neuter-Release Programs and Feral Cats Introduction Feral cats are those that take birth and nourished in wild, or those that has been disposed of or gone astray and became undomesticated methods for their survival, and are known as “free-roaming” cats. Lots of feral cats bear a little of ...
Lepisma Saccharina (Common Silverfish)
Lepisma saccharina (Common Silverfish) Lepisma saccharina (Common Silverfish) Introduction We humans are living on a planet shared by millions of other creatures, but we know a little about them. Scientists stated that we are sharing planet with about 8.7 million other species (Day, 2009). Thus the purpose of this paper is to have ...
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