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Building Plan

Building Plan


Pile foundations used in building a 2-storey building can be of various types based on the load that the building will put on the ground and the quality and stability of the ground. The land on which the school is being built is weak and compressible due to which it is not possible to begin construction work directly above ground. A pile foundation is the best option as the piles would be sunk deep into firmer ground in order keep the building from sinking.

In order to provide a firm base, the piles would be made from reinforced concrete sunk about 15m into the ground since the firm ground is not that deep. The concrete foundation would provide a base on which a building of around 5 stories can be constructed. This had been decided keeping in mind the future requirements. Manual pile drivers would be used to dig deep wells into which the steel frame of the piles would be placed and then filled with concrete thus infusing them to the ground (Punmia, Jain & Jain, 1993).

Trial pits would be dug about 4-5 meters deep in order to investigate the quality of the ground beneath so that the strength and depth of the piles can be determined. Once tested, the piling work will begin that would require steel reinforcing rods of around 20mm thick diameter. Medium strength concrete will be used for the piling work as it would not be under a lot of stress. Each pile will be placed 4 metres apart from each other and will act like pins that will fix the building firmly to the floor.

A perfect foundation must be made with a help of tractors which may first make the soil usable for construction purpose and then heavy rollers must be rolled over the floor to make it level for fixing in the pile foundations.

Super Structure

The super structure will be made of reinforced concrete with a brick wall. The reason concrete is used for the construction is because the building is not tall nor wide due to which the load it will put on the ground would not be too much. Concrete is ideal for the skeleton of the building with the floor made of steel beams (Alexander, 1979).

Another advantage of using concrete is that the building would be relatively cheaper than a steel frame while providing a firm skeleton. It has been ...
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