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Question 1

Issue with Smartphone Browsing

Some of the issues that the users of smart phone smart phones face while browsing are as follows:

Small sized screens: it makes it impossible or difficult to see the graphics and the text dependent on the standard size of a desktop computer screen.

Lack of windows: on a desktop browsing, one can be able to open up more than one window at a time for multitasking in order to easily revert to the prior page. However, on the same type, only one page is displayed, and the pages are viewed in the sequence in which they were originally accessed. Some applications do exist for example Oceanus, and the browser Opera Mini, but it allows a limited number of the multiple windows on the screen (Blume 45).

Navigation: the smart phone does not use a mouse like pointer, but rather an up and down function for scrolling therefore it limits the navigation flexibility.

Number and types of pages available: many sites that can be accessed on a desktop cannot be accessed on Smartphone. The Smartphone at times cannot access pages within a secured connection. However, the flash or other softwares PDFs or video sites of 2011 are an exception (Duncan10).

Speed: on Smartphone the service speed is slow.

Broken pages: on Smartphone, a single paper which is shown on a desktop as a whole is broken down into segments that are treated as separate page. When it is paired with the slow speed, the navigation between the pages is slow (Plummer 30)

Compressed pages: many pages on smart phone in their conversion to mobile format are squeezed in a manner different than their customary view on a desktop computer; it increases the visibility difficulties for the users.

Message size: Smartphone has a limit on the member of the characters that are sent in an email message. Large attachments and messages cannot be sent through Smartphone.

Cost: the bandwidth and access charges are higher in Smartphone's as compared to other browsing solutions (Duncan, 6).

Firstly, to cope with the speed issues the web designers have been designing Android which increases the number of the web pages that can be browsed. Currently, on Smartphone there is only one version of its content that is HTML which is designed for desktop web browser. This shows that all the browsers are accessing the content from the same URL; the web designers can introduce varying URLS suitable form different web pages to ensure maximum speed and less page breaks. Secondly, the format of the screen can be adapted to the mobile screens, typically smaller or can be served by WAP (Duncan11).

Question 2

Evaluating Of the Websites

The online sellers have to consist about the layout of the website and the online marketing strategy if they want their product to reach the consumers' hands. People will prefer and buy the product once they are satisfied that they have found all the features they wanted in the product at relevant prices (Caywood45).

The first website I had chosen is ...
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