Capstone Project

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Capstone Project

Capstone Project


The paper presents a capstone project containing a detailed analysis of the company's performance of Starbucks. Starbucks is the largest coffee chain in the world. It was founded on March 30, 1971 in Seattle. In 1987, it was taken over by Howard Schultz. The company has 20,367 cafes in 61 countries, including 13,123 in the United States, 1,299 in Canada, 977 in Japan, 793 in Britain, 732 in China, 473 in Korea, 363 in Mexico, 282 in Taiwan, 204 Philippines, 164 in Thailand and 31 in Poland (as of November 16, 2012). Starbucks is a public company, and listed on NASDAQ in New York.

Starbucks is mainly known for the coffee. However, in addition, it also sale tea, hot chocolate, drinks, desserts and other meals as well. It is known for producing the highest quality of coffee around the world.

The Company's Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

The mission of the company is providing the higher quality coffee to the customer while focusing on the profits generation by exploring new markets. The mission statement of Starbucks provides a message to its stakeholders about the strategic direction which has been adopted by the company's management. The management of the company continuously tries to innovate and offer new products and experience to the customers.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Starbucks Company is providing a learning and enjoyable work environment for creating a strong relationship with the employees. The company wants to adapt an approach to diversity to embrace its business operations worldwide. It also wants to continuously improve the selection, purchasing, roasting and finishing process of its products to provide highest quality. The company also wants to devise marketing campaigns that may help in building loyalty of the customers. The company needs to retain its existing position in the coffee industry to grow further (Burks, 2009).

As far as the status of the company in light of its mission and vision statements is concerned, it can be said that the company is working continuously to achieve its mission and vision and is still considered as the top coffee producer in the world.

The Organization's Strategic Goals Link to Its Mission and Vision

The company main goal is to provide quality product and services to its customer. Hence, by focusing on the customer, Starbucks is always looking for the ways of increasing the value of its products by providing more value to the customers. On the other hand, among its priorities, the company focuses on the social responsibility, such as it provides assistance to small coffee producers in developing countries. The management of the company emphasizes that corporate social responsibility increases the value of any company. These are the words which are appreciated by everyone; the customers, suppliers and shareholders.

The Company's Financial Performance Link to Its Goals and Strategy

The Company has recently conducted its project to increase the number of sites to 40,000 in the world, with 10,000 new stores planned within the last four years. The year 2006 and the first quarter ...
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